SASSO Services
Under the direction of the Office of Academic Affairs, Student-Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO) has an extensive staff committed to a comprehensive program of academic and personal development for student-athletes. We provide academic athletic counseling in conjunction with academic advising across the university to ensure seamless academic support. We collaborate with the Department of Athletics and other university units to enhance academic, personal, and career development programming, and we partner with the community to bring service and career opportunities to student-athletes.

Together, we assist more than 900 student-athletes in all areas of academic support, from career counseling and planning to honors placement, early registration, and course selection. An Athletic Academic Counselor is assigned to each team to provide individualized attention to student-athletes.

A few other highlights of our program include:
The Study Table and Tutor Program: Program designed to provide student-athletes with a quiet place for studying and computer lab use, as well as private tutoring for many academic subjects.

The Success Team and Mentor Program: Program designed to provide student-athletes with intensive academic skill building, tutoring, and monitoring of student progress.

The Degree Completion Program: Program designed for former Ohio State Athletes who desire to return to Ohio State to finish their degree.

Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB): A student-athlete organization which provides team representation to the Athletic Department and input on Department policy and programming.

Scholar-Athlete Recognition Dinner: Honors student-athletes who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better; approximately half the student-athlete population qualifies for this honor every year.