Our goals are to:

 Maintain the highest level of integrity, innovation of services, and dedication to excellence.

 Assist all student-athletes with the development of well-balanced life styles.

 Inform and introduce all student-athletes to the vast resources within the Department of Athletics and University communities.

 Encourage compliance with NCAA, Conference and University academic eligibility requirements, policies, and procedures.

 Promote respect for diversity and gender equity among all student-athletes.

 Provide opportunities and support to all student-athletes in their objective to integrate as much as possible into the academic community of Ohio State.

 Provide the opportunity for the student-athlete population to have a voice in policy making and program development through the Student-Athlete Advisory Board and other methods of inquiry.

 Enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience through participation in and service to the athletic, University, and central Ohio communities.

 Provide an environment which supports the goal of graduation for all student-athletes.