The lone senior on the Ohio State women’s golf team, Emma Jandel was named team captain after serving as a co-captain for the previous two seasons. The Dayton, Ohio, native is majoring in finance and real estate.

Q: What are your plans for after graduation?
A: “I will graduate next winter and I want to play golf, but I’m also interested in investments and financial planning. I’m going to work for Merrill Lynch this summer so I can learn a little bit about the field.”

Q: What is the team dynamic like this season and what was it like to be named captain for the third-consecutive year?
A: “It was special for sure. I enjoy it and I enjoy making our team come together. Our team is so young, I like showing the younger kids around and making them feel at home and making their experience and transition go well.”

Q: How did you start playing golf?
A: “It was a family thing pretty much. My dad and brother play and my mom plays a little bit, so we just started doing it. But I played a lot of other sports too. Basketball was what I really into. Freshman year of high school, if you told me I would be playing collegiate golf I would have said there’s no way, because I just wanted to play basketball the whole time. Then, around junior year I was like, you know I kind of like this, and I had a good summer and won a couple things. I just went after it and kept playing more and really liked it.”

Q: What is something that a lot of people don’t realize about Ohio State head coach Therese Hession?
A: “She’s got a lot of well hidden vacation spots like Cabo or places you wouldn’t really see her going to.”

Q: Your brother plays golf at Illinois, is there any sibling rivalry there?
A: “It’s really exciting. He has a really good team over there. He’s redshirting this year, but it’s exciting. We both go at it pretty hard.”

Q: What is the most challenging hole on Scarlet?
A: “No. 4 is just goofy. I wouldn’t say challenging, but I have the most trouble with it.”

Q: What are your goals for the postseason?
A: “In the postseason, we have the ability to do any and everything, so our goals ultimately are to win everything from here on out. I think if we all play to the best of our abilities individually and focus on ourselves we’ll be right there.”

Q: You are the only golfer on the team from Ohio. Did you grow up a Buckeye?
A: “Not really. My mom went University of Cincinnati and my dad went to Ohio University so I wasn’t a huge Ohio State fan, but I don’t see myself anywhere else. I love it here.”

Q: What was it like to tee up against Meg Mallon and Beth Daniel at the Alumni Match?
A: “That was awesome. It was an unbelievable experience just to listen to their stories and hear where they’ve been and what they do and getting to play with them both all day. My match came down to the last hole with Meg Mallon so it was exciting.”

The thing I miss the most about home…  My bed and my parents

The best class I’ve taken at Ohio State… My hip hop class last quarter

I get ready for a round by… I try and loosen up before a round because I’m always more than focused

I have too many… shoes

The last movie I saw… Valentine’s Day

Best place golf has taken you… Scotland, Hawaii and the Pebble Beach area

In 20 years I hope to… have played in the LPGA and have a family

Song I listen to on repeat… ‘Good Good’ by Ashanti and ‘Rude Boy’ by Rihanna

I’d like to play a round with… Michael Jordan