Junior Dan Charen has come on the scene for the Ohio State men’s golf team, competing in eight of the squad’s 10 tournaments this season. The Langhorne, Pa., product will graduate this spring and will go on to pursue his graduate degree next year.

Q: You competed in six events the past two years, but have played in eight this year. Has the change in workload been difficult for you?

A: “I have been very involved during my four years here at OSU as a student-athlete. I’ve been involved with SAAB as a team representative and now as executive board member.  I have learned how to manage my time pretty well so that I stay on top on my school work.”

Q: Your game has been on the “upswing” this year. What did you do to take your game to the next level?
A: “Consistency is a big part of it. Donnie (Darr) and Ryan (Potter) have helped me become more consistent throughout my whole game by tailoring practice to the things that I need to work on most. I can tend to get a little unfocused sometimes so they are always challenging me to take my game to that next step and level.  We have worked a lot on our “scoring clubs” this year, which is from about 150 yards. That will allow us to create more birdie opportunities.”

Q: Is there any one aspect of your game that you focus on more than others? Why?
A: “I focus on my short-game the most: wedges, chipping and putting.  Those are the key to taking your game to the next level.  You can hit the ball as good as you want but if you can’t get it in the hole then you aren’t able to shoot consistently lower scores… which is obviously our major goal.”

Q: Have you ever had trouble balancing all the different parts of your life (social, golf, school, etc.)?
A: “It can be difficult at times to balance school, golf, and a social life but you have to make sacrifices in order to be successful!  I think I have been more focused and goal oriented this year.  I joke around that I am an “old man” because I like to just relax at home and watch a movie or cook a good dinner rather than go out at night.  It’s important to take care of your body because of the length of our season. We are in season from the start of September basically until school lets out in June.”

Q: With a year left of eligibility, what are you plans after you’re done with your undergraduate degree?
A: “I will graduate after this Spring Quarter with a degree in Finance from the Fisher College of Business.  I redshirted my freshman year so I have another year of eligibility left to play golf.  I was accepted to the Sport Management graduate program here at OSU so I will be a Buckeye Golfer for one more year as I pursue my Masters.”

Q: What has been the highlight of your career?
A: “I’d have to say being a part of a great team with great teammates.  We have made huge strides from last year to this year and the hard work is paying off with two team wins so far this year.  We still have the Big Ten Championship coming up as well as NCAA’s so those are the ultimate goals.”

Q: If you weren’t a golfer, what would you be doing?
A: “It’s funny I’ve been asked that before and always seem to have to ask myself the same question. I’d like to think that I would still be a college athlete because I am competitive and have played sports my entire life. I’d probably be playing lacrosse in college.  That was my other sport growing up that I loved and competed in.”

Q: Of all the sports, what made you pick golf?
A: “Golf isn’t like other sports.  There are no referees so golf is a game of honesty and integrity. If you commit a rules infraction you call it on yourself.  It’s just you and that little white golf ball out there so you can’t let any other distractions get in the way.  In most sports you have teammates on the field with you to help, but with golf it’s all on you. I think I like that the most that I’m in control of what I do and that is all I can worry about.”

Q: What will be your favorite memory of your time at Ohio State?
A: “Definitely traveling to tournaments with my teammates and coaches.  There have been some funny times in the van, airplane, hotel and meals.  I tend to talk a lot so we have a little thing called the “word quota” that can be invoked for a period of time. My teammates get a good laugh out of watching me have to be quiet. It’s pretty funny!”

The best class I’ve taken at Ohio State…
“Business Administration 499 – a business skills & environment class. We get to give speeches and presentations, have a team and need to be creative in how you present the cases that you have been assigned in class.”

Favorite pro team…
“New York Giants & Yankees. I’m a huge sports fan especially with those two teams.”

Must-have meal when I go home…
“My mom makes a really good turkey chili so she always has a pot of that waiting for me when I come home!”

If I could be a super hero, I’d be…
“I guess I would have to go with Captain America.”

Favorite Ohio State tradition…
“Mirror Lake Night…it’s an awesome night whether you jumping or just watching.  Anything that has to do with beating M*ch*gan is great!”

When I’m not on the course, you can find me…
“At my apartment relaxing, watching TV/movies and probably cooking. I love to cook.”

The one place I want to travel to is…
“I’d have to say either South Africa or Australia. They both seem like very cool places with lots of different outdoor things to do.”

The best place golf has taken you…
“Golf has taken me to some pretty cool places but I’d have to say the best part is the time I got to spend with my Dad or Mom when I was traveling for Junior Golf with either one of them. The one on one time is something special.”

Song I listen to on repeat…
“Right now it’s probably Lupe Fiasco’s – “The Show Goes On.”  It’s just upbeat and gets me in the mood to just go. You could call it my “pump up” music right now.”