Brittany Mills, a sophomore outfielder on the Ohio State softball team, recaps the Buckeye weekend at the 2011 Cathedral City Classic. View the photo album above of the entire weekend in Cathedral City, Calif. 

From Brittany …
Day Three
8:30 AM
Whoever decided to schedule a softball game at 8:30 in the morning?! At least we’re still kind of functioning on Ohio time, so it isn’t too painful.

Game 4: OSU v. Nebraska
While it would have nice to come out on top against our future Big Ten opponent, we fell short and lost to Nebraska 10-0 in five innings.  Out team really has so much potential, I’m excited for when we start to show it more consistently!

11:00 AM
Game 5: OSU v. UCLA
The Buckeyes have arrived!! Matched against a team coming fresh off a national championship, we faced a lot of adversity heading into this game, but we finally played like we are capable of and gave UCLA a run for their money.  The final score and our loss may not indicate success, but our team was more than successful as we attracted the various components of this game, making difficult plays and forcing errors and hitting in clutch situations.  I couldn’t be more proud of the team for taking this huge step in the right direction.

4:00 PM
After the game, the team headed to dinner and all of the families came along as well.  There’s nothing more fun than having one group take up more than half of a restaurant.  Enjoyed some delicious food, some fantastic company, and some hilarious video excerpts from the ESPN interview done by my teammates Dee Dee Hillman, Alicia Herron, and Brittany Goodchild.

8:30 PM
Sitting in the airport awaiting our flight back home.  I never can get over how many O-H’s our red travel suits inspire!  With the time change it’s going to feel like a very long trip back to Columbus; we won’t be back until six in the morning.  So I think I’m going to get a head start on my rest.  Goodnight! Thanks for reading!

Day Two
8:00 AM

With two games ahead of us, this is going to be a longer day than yesterday, and I’m hoping that it will be a more successful one.  We’ve got a very young but very resilient team, and the latter characteristic should help us tremendously as we seek to turn things around from our loss yesterday. 

4:00 PM
Games 2 &3: OSU v. BYU and UC Santa Barbara. 
Our back-to-back games this morning/afternoon unfortunately resulted in back to back losses for the team.  While inclement weather was the last thing we expected when heading to California, our first game against BYU was delayed for close to an hour due to rain.  Our offensive production also arrived with a slow start, with the team scoring only one run to BYU’s five.  While we were more productive in our second game against UC Santa Barbara, we also allowed more runs to score, and finished the game 11-3.

At this point, it is clear that the team needs to make some adjustments in order to play at the level we know we are capable of.  I truly believe our team is talented enough to be winning more games than losing, and I think this growth comes with the confidence that each player has the ability to come through in clutch situations.  I know we can do it, and I hope that we will start doing it soon. 

5:30 PM
Just finished eating a delicious dinner with the team.  Along with the beautiful weather (at least, the majority of the time), one of the benefits of being in California is the authenticity of the Mexican food: absolutely delicious!

8:00 PM
After being able to spend a little more time with our families, the team gathered together to distribute our uniforms for tomorrow.  Looking at the scarlet and grey of the jersey and the OHIO STATE spelled across the chest, I started to think about all of the tradition and the pride in our university which we represent every time we put on those uniforms.  Winning doesn’t only affect us individually, or just our team or our coaches, but it affects anyone who is and was ever a Buckeye or a fan.  So, let’s do what we know we can and win two games tomorrow for everyone that our performance affects.  Take two Bucks!

Day One
6:30 AM (Cali Time)

After finally arriving at our hotel in Palm Springs at 3:00 in the morning Ohio time and passing out five minutes later, I never imagined I’d be spring out of my bed this early, but I feel entirely refreshed, invigorated, and ready to play!  It’s gorgeous outside and there’s a beautiful view of the sunrise and the mountains outside of my window, couldn’t be a more perfect day or place for softball!  Breakfast at 8 and then will head to the field for our opening game against Texas A&M.

10:00 AM
Game 1: OSU v. Texas A&M
Unfortunately, we opened the Cathedral City Classic with a loss, 10-1.  Initially it was a very close contest, but after two innings of rallies toward the end of the game Texas A&M came out on top.  While the loss was certainly disappointing, the game was not without its highlights, including an over-the-wall catch by outfielder Vanessa Spears and a beautiful homer by Evelyn Carrillo.  This is our only game for the day, but I have a lot of confidence that we will come back strong tomorrow.

2:30 PM
After the game the team stayed around the fields for a while to watch some of the other games, including the match between two of our future opponents, BYU and Nebraska.  The scope of this tournament is phenomenal; there are so many teams and so many games going on, and I don’t think I’ve ever had my life threatened by so many foul balls.

7:30 PM
The upside of only having one game was that we had a lot of free time, and fantastically we were allowed to leave the hotel and spend that time with our families!  My dear old dad was able to make it out here, and while being away at college is great, it was nice to be a daddy’s girl for a little while again.  During the break we went to the movies to see The Fighter, grabbed some dinner. We put together some goodie bags for the girls on the team whose families were unfortunately not able to make come to the tournament.

8:15 PM
Just got out of a short team meeting, and while I was wide awake this morning, I am entirely worn out now and may head to bed early to rest up for tomorrow. Take four Bucks!