April 16, 2020

📝 A Letter from Luke Pletcher to Buckeye Nation


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Dear Ohio State,
From the moment that I stepped onto campus during my first visit, I knew this place was special. I quickly figured out that this was the place for me to spend the next four years of my life representing something much bigger than myself.

I want to start by thanking my brothers. During my time I have built a bond with my teammates that will never be broken. We put in so much effort in order to attain a common goal. From working out in the wrestling room to hanging out on the weekends, the memories we shared will last a lifetime.

I was blessed with the opportunity to be coached by some of the best men I have ever known. More important than the wrestling guidance, they helped me grow as a person. Coach Ryan modeled the way and guided me in what it took to become a champion. Coach Jaggers put in countless hours making sure that we left “no stone unturned.” Coach Dlagnev changed my mindset in a way that no one else could. Not focusing on the outcome but rather focusing on what I can control is something that will continue to benefit my life beyond wrestling. Coach Bo was a leader for me as a teammate and then as a coach. He showed me how to carry myself in a respectful way no matter the situation. I’m also grateful for the army of support staff members that assist our program behind the scenes so student athletes like me can chase our dreams. I cannot thank these men and women enough for making me the man I am today.

Finally, I want to thank the passionate fans, alumni and contributors to Buckeye wrestling. Without you none of this would be possible. The transition from wrestling in the Steelwood Athletic Facility to the magnificent Jennings Center and Covelli Arena was a real blessing. Being able to compete and practice in that building is something that brought the team together in many ways. My advice to current and future Buckeyes is to cherish every moment and never ever take it for granted. Go Bucks!

Thank you,
Luke Pletcher

Ohio State Buckeyes