April 17, 2020

📝 A Letter from Kollin Moore to Buckeye Nation


Dear Ohio State,

I can’t thank you enough. Growing up in northeast Ohio, wearing the Block O on my chest was always a dream of mine. I have so many great memories from my time at Ohio State, but my favorites were always competing in front of Buckeye Nation. I’ve created life long friendships in my 5 years here that will last a life time with my teammates, coaches, staff, and fans. Ohio State has also given me the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and start pursuing my master’s degree. The resources that I’ve been provided, both academically and athletically, have allowed me to leave Ohio State knowing how fortunate I was.

I want to thank my coaches and teammates for always being there for me and pushing me to be my very best self. You all have taught me how to be more than a wrestler, but to be a great friend, teammate, and ambassador for Christ. I want to thank the amazing alumni, donors, and fans of Ohio State for donating your hard earned time, money, and energy so that we can train in and compete in the best atmospheres in the country.

The Covelli Arena and Jennings center have made such a difference in the way we train and the way we get to compete in front of our home crowd. Your generosity has been all the difference in my life.

I am very fortunate and excited to be continuing my wrestling career at the Ohio Regional Training Center right here in Columbus, Ohio. I will have the opportunity to train next to my old teammates and help them while they still help me grow in the sport. Ohio State and Columbus will always be home to me and I will be forever thankful to those that have helped make that so.

Kollin Moore

Ohio State Buckeyes