COLUMBUS, Ohio – Senior shortstop Tyler Engle, from the small town of Beverly, Ohio (near Marietta), is capping a fine athletics career this year. A standout athlete who earned 11 varsity letters at Fort Frye High School and was named all-state in both baseball and basketball, Tyler is starting for a fourth consecutive year at shortstop for the Buckeyes. He has made 163 career starts so far, and he is on track to top 200 games played. On a day when Tyler actually didn’t start, he shared some thoughts on his career. 

I can’t believe I’m a senior. The time has flown by. I’ve accepted the fact this could be the last time I play ball. I’m excited about the fact I’ll be done with school and happy to have a degree, but…I want to go out with a bang and try to get another ring.

The 2009 Big Ten championship ring is awesome. I’m honored to say that I’m one of the few still here who has a ring. That team was special. We clicked. But I really think we are close to that with this year’s team in terms of chemistry.

This team is coming together. I think we are going to start clicking at the right time. We all feel it, especially after this past weekend when we really feel we outplayed Indiana for three days and were right there with them. This season is a long way from over.

Coming from Beverly, a small town, and being able to play and succeed and win at a university this big means the world to me. I’m really proud of that.

It was news in Beverly when I signed with Ohio State. It was front page of the Marietta Times. The town still supports me and it’s good to see those people whenever I go back home.

I get a real kick out of Derek Hannahs. I feel like a big brother to him. I pick him up and take him to practice and then take him home afterward. He’s a good kid. I feel connected to him. His dad is from my area.

Matt Streng and Jared Strayer have been great friends. They’ve been here as long as me. They are good to go to after a rough day. They can calm you down or pick you up.

I think my intelligence level of the game of baseball has sky-rocketed by being around the new coaches. I’ve learned so much in the short amount of time they’ve been here.

The coaches have really taught us about dealing with adversity. And I’ve dealt with a lot of adversity. I’ve struggled this year. That’s expected in this sport and at this level. But I’m dealing with it and I’ll be able to handle more going forward because of what I’ve learned.

I want to get into coaching after baseball. I’m not ready to leave the game yet. 

My parents mean the world to me. My mom is my best friend. It was a big decision when I decided to come to Ohio State. But giving my parents an opportunity to come and see me play as much as they can was huge in my decision to come to Ohio State.

It’s been a great four years. It’s been a great experience for me and I’ve never had a regret. And I won’t.