COLUMBUS, Ohio – Theron Minium is a fifth-year senior – one of five fifth-year players on the team – and he is one of only two left-handed pitchers on the team. A native of New Cumberland, Pa., he has persevered through injury, soreness and surgery to play in 53 games for the Buckeyes. He will graduate in a few months with a degree in English but his future endeavors border on the criminal…as in law. Some thoughts, from Theron:

I grew up reading a lot. I liked books then and I still do. English was always my favorite subject in school and it came naturally to me.

I like to read biographies and about history. I was big into the Civil War and the Revolutionary War, and also adventure thrillers. Kurt Vonnegut is my favorite author. I’ve read all his stuff through high school and college.

Reading and writing papers is pretty much what you do when you are an English major. There will be an occasional final, but most of the midterms and finals are papers.

To write a good paper you have to start with your own idea. Then you go and research and you build your paper off your idea, but include ideas and information from others. The biggest key from beginning to end would be to discover something new.

“Literature in the 60s” is a recent class and probably a favorite class. I learned about the changes in the social norms and the status quo…and everybody started thinking for themselves in the counter culture. I also learned about the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War.

We watched a film called “Berkeley in the Sixties” in the class. And then when we were in San Francisco I thought, wow, I’m really here. It was cool being in Berkeley and San Francisco where a lot of the books were written and a lot was written about.

I would like go to law school and to get into criminal law. I plan on taking a year off after this season to work and apply to graduate schools here in Columbus and also in Philadelphia.

The start of the season almost felt like the start of my freshman year with new coaches and all the new faces. And there was an atmosphere of not knowing what to expect. It was different than my freshman year, though, because of the experiences I’ve already had here.

I am happy with the way the team has come together. We all were not sure what things would be like coming in this fall.

There is a different kind of energy here with the new coaches. And we all knew that from day one. It is a high-paced atmosphere for practicing and we are stronger because of it.