COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fifth-year senior Matt Streng grew up about 10 minutes from campus, in Upper Arlington. This has meant his dad, Terry, a two-year Ohio State letterman, and the rest of his family could see virtually all of his games. And Matt has played a lot:  130 of them with 115 starts. He’ll add to those numbers this weekend, and possibly to an eight-game hit streak that has raised his average 65 points the last two weeks.  

I  can’t really believe I’m a fifth-year senior. I’ve been here a long time. It sseems like a very long time, but I’d say it’s gone by pretty fast…especially this last year now that we are already 25-30 games into the season.

It’s been an amazing experience being a Buckeye.  It’s just been great having a chance to meet all these guys and build relationships with them, and to have two sets of coaches. It has just been a great experience to play for what I believe is the best university in the country.

It is pretty cool playing for both coach Todd and coach Beals. I got to learn so much from coach Todd, a Hall of Fame coach, and coach Cypret, and all his experience. And now I get to play for new coaches that are just starting their era at Ohio State. It’s pretty cool.

I think coach Beals is going to have a great career here at Ohio State. He did a lot of great things at Ball State with a lot less and with a facility that is hard to recruit to. Just seeing the hard work that he and his coaches are putting in here, I believe they are going to be very successful.

My dad came to 98 percent of my games even when he was still teaching. Now that he is retired, he hasn’t missed a game in two years. It’s pretty nice when you live 10 minutes away from the ball park.

It’s really nice and great to have family here in Columbus. And it is special to see my dad and mom and grandparents out at the games. It makes me play even better when they are there supporting me at every game.

The North Florida game my sophomore year was a great individual moment. I went four-for-five  with two home runs – one from each side of the plate – and a double. It was a good day.

A moment I will never forget is the first day when 11 of us freshmen walked into the locker room the first time. We were all intimidated. Everyone seemed so much older than we were.

It’s a lot different feeling today. Back then, you didn’t know what to expect. Today you’re one of the guys who knows how everything works.

I’m majoring in sport and leisure studies. I want to work for a sports organization like the Clippers or the Blue Jackets. I’m coaching a summer team this summer so I may pursue a coaching job down the line.

I’ve had a blast being a teammate of Jared Strayer.  We played summer ball together and we’ve lived together the last few years. We’ve been so close, and it’s great being with a friend for a long time.

I want to end this season with a second Big Ten championship ring and with a berth to another regional. When you get to a regional, anything can happen. It’s a whole new season.