COLUMBUS, Ohio – Second baseman Ryan Cypret is a third-year player for the Buckeyes and a coach’s son. He won the starting position at second this fall and winter, and he has been one of the best hitters on the team so far. He offered a few thoughts on a variety of topics on a recent rainy day.     

I’m studying sports management. I’m not sure where I want it to lead; possibly into coaching, though. I’m going to be here five years so I will end up picking up a minor…possibly in business or marketing.

I’m not sure what everyone as a team expected for this season. As a team, we are figuring out who we are and who is stepping up. Every game I feel as if we learn something about ourselves.

I am starting to get used to the new bats. I think I noticed a difference in the bats the first weekend. There were a handful of balls that were hit really well but they didn’t go anywhere…for some reason.

You can’t get away with as much with the new bats. Small ball is really important now, both offensively and defensively. It makes the game more competitive. Playing sound defense and pitching go hand in hand.

My swing felt really good in my five-hit game (3-13 vs. Army). I also got lucky too. And that’s a good combination.

Coach Beals does a good job preparing us and his coaches of what he expects of us. There really has been a positive attitude from the coaches. But at the same time he does get on us when we do need to be toughened up in some areas.

I’m very impressed with Coach Beals’ athletic ability. He can still play any position on the field. He has a nice stroke on the basketball court, too.

It is very different being an everyday starter and it’s a lot more fun. I’m learning it is tough to bring all that you have every single day, but you have to do it. The coaches and your teammates expect you to compete. And it is good to have competitive teammates and a competitive team that will pick you up and push you.

It’s not a challenge playing with new guys and having so many new teammates, and it hasn’t been that big of an issue because you are with everyone in the fall and winter. Once the season started, I could barely remember playing with the guys last year. I’m already best friends with the guys on this team.