COLUMBUS, Ohio – Brad Hutton, and his younger brother Blake, are first-year members of the baseball team, having come north from the Orlando, Fla., area. Brad transferred to Ohio State from Polk State College in Winter Haven, Fla., where he hit 24 home runs in two seasons. He has two home runs as a Buckeye, but a few moments with Brad recently was spent talking about Ohio State, family and a couple of celebrities, and not hitting home runs.

I am thrilled to be at Ohio State.My dad is more than thrilled, too. Just the opportunity to represent and compete for a university that you love is just a great and remarkable feeling.

The atmosphere here – baseball, academics and the environment – is amazing. The weather isn’t the best, but that’s one small negative.

My family has always been Ohio State fans. My parents are from Cleveland. My dad went to school here. And this is the place I wanted to go to school and to get a degree.

Blake and I have never really played on a team together. It’s a great experience to be on the field with him every day.

I don’t think coach Beals could have built a better staff than what he has put together. We have two great guys in the pitching department. Coach Beals is our catching and hitting coach. And coach Holick works with infield and outfield defense. These guys teach us the game.

I am majoring in consumer science. I was accepted into the Fisher College of Business, but only 50 percent of my credits would transfer, so I wouldn’t have been able to play baseball. I would rather have a degree from Ohio State in consumer science and play baseball here than to have a business degree from somewhere else…and not play baseball here.

I’d like to apply baseball to a career in business. I’ve always been told that you don’t find a job, but that you create one that you love. So I’d like a business oriented job that I can apply baseball to.

Mike Brewster and I have been friends since grade school.We separated a bit when we went to high school, but we became closer once he came to Ohio State. Note: Brewster is an All-America center for the Ohio State football team.

Mike’s family lives 15 minutes from ours. We went to school together through middle school. We were districted into different high schools and he went to the better football high school and I went to the better baseball school.

I went to a movie with Tiger Woods once. I was good buddies with Mark O’Meara’s son, Shaun. The year after Tiger won the Master’s in 1997 and the year Mr. O’Meara won the British Open, he was driving Shaun and me to a movie. We were driving out of the neighborhood when he pulls down some driveway. I didn’t know where he was going, and then Shaun asks if we were going to pick up Tiger. His dad said yes. So I went to see “Small Soldiers” with Tiger Woods. He wore Oakleys into the theatre. I’ll never forget that experience.