One of the fastest and most explosive players on the 2012 Buckeyes, Corey “Philly” Brown enters his junior season with high expectations. With a lightning-quick first step that can make defenders look silly, Brown is sure to be a star in Ohio State’s new spread offense. The Buckeye speedster took a few moments from game day preparations to talk about his offseason improvements, the new mindset on offense and his expanded role on special teams.

The wide receivers are much improved as a group heading into the season and it is because we have put in extra hours. We dedicate more individual and free time to football than we did in the past; everyone studies film and the playbook more, is in the weight room longer and takes extra time to practice routes. All of us have gone the extra mile to progress as individuals and it has made us better as a group.

I am proud Coach Meyer has singled me out as one of the most improved players on the team. I’ve worked really hard to make myself a better player and it is always nice to know people notice. I hope all of the offseason work pays off on Saturdays!

There is a different mindset on offense this season. We have something to prove and are walking around with chips on our shoulders. Fans can expect to see a new and improved offensive team – don’t leave your seats when we are on the field.

Braxton Miller and I have developed a great chemistry. All of the offseason work we did together has helped our communication and understanding on the field. 

People have compared our new offense to Oregon’s, but we do things a bit differently. Tempo-wise, we want to play at a fast pace like they do, but we also want to be much more physical and rely less on finesse. You have to be tough and have a power running game to do well in the Big Ten.

Coach Meyer places a lot of importance on special teams. He views kickoff returns as momentum builders and punt returns as momentum changers, so being selected to handle both is an honor.  It’s a good position to be in because it means he expects a lot out of me.

I’ve always been a vocal person, but with the lack of senior wide receivers, I know the coaches need me to step up and lead some of the younger guys. However, I view myself as a leader for everybody, not just the wide receivers. On offense, I make an effort to be vocal and communicate on the field. My job is to get everyone lined up and ready to go so we are prepared to execute properly.