April 21, 1999

Columbus, OhioA freshman year is always the toughest in college. It is filled with constant change and daily challenges. OSU freshmen Samantha Kimura and Sarah West talked about life as freshmen and as Buckeyes.

%^$Q: What has been the biggest adjustment to college life?

%^$Samantha Kimura: Being on my own. Just taking responsibility for myself and not having anyone to look after me like it was back home. Growing up, everything is done for you. Even in high school there are people there everyday to make sure you get everything you need to get done.

%^$Q: Coming from Souther California, was there culture shock when you first arrived in Columbus?

%^$SK: It’s so different from home. Home is nothing like Ohio State. Just walking around campus people are just so much nicer . Around here, people are more accepting of the way you are. You don’t have dress a certain way or act a certain way, it’s OK to be yourself.

%^$Q: What are some of the things you like about this team?

%^$SK: I like the way we all communicate when things aren’t working well. We interact really well as a group.

%^$Q: What do you think your role has been with this year’s team?

%^$SK: I think I’m able to contribute both offensively and defensively. Even being a freshman, I’m still trying to figure out what my role is on this team. It’s kind of hard. There are times you are told what your role is and there are other times you need to figure it out for yourself. But it’s all a part of the learning experience.

%^$Q: Due to injuries to three of our four pitchers, you were asked to become a pitcher. What was your reaction to that?

%^$SK: I didn’t pitch since I was 12. But its exciting to do something I am not good at. It’s a challenge I really enjoy.

%^$Q: Would it bother you if you didn’t pitch after this season?

%^$SK: Not at all!

%^$Q: How has the adjustment been to college life?

%^$Sarah West: It’s a lot different. All through high school, I wasn’t used to studying all the time. Reading four hours a night is totally different. But I like it a lot.

%^$Q: How has the adjustment been to college softball?

%^$SW: Pretty good so far. I’ve learned a lot about the game. And I’ve learned how to be more detailed about doing the little things and how they effect every play.

%^$Q: Who has helped you out the most?

%^$SW: Coach (Linda Kalafatis). She works with me and pushes me a lot. She always is willing to help.%^$ %^$Q: Lately, you’ve been hitting better. What has been the key to the turnaround?

%^$SW: I’m a lot more comfortable in the box. I think less about what I am doing wrong and more about what I am doing right.

%^$Q: What do you like about this year’s team?

%^$SW: Everybody is willing to help if you don’t understand something. When you are not feeling well or you have problems, there is always someone there to help you. If you don’t have something to do, you always have someone to do something with.