April 12, 1999

Columbus, OhioThe Buckeyes may be banged up, but they are still battling every time out on the field. At the midpoint of the season, Meaghan Robinson and Renae Weigel talk about their respective seasons.

%^$Q: When the year started, you were almost unhittable. And then the injury happened to your rib cage. How have you dealt with the situation?

%^$Meaghan Robinson: When I first got hurt, and was out for a couple of weeks, I was frustrated. I was having such a good season and I wanted to finish the year strong. Then they told me the injury was more serious – it was like a reality check.

%^$Q: What is your status now?

%^$MR: The doctor gave me the OK to throw a couple of innings in some games. It’s tough because I want to be out there just as bad as everyone else. I guess I’ve come to the realization that I am limited to what I can give to the team and what I am able to do. It was tough but I’m dealing with it.%^$ %^$Q: What are you new goals for the remainder of the season?

%^$MR: My goals now are to go out and do the best I can. I’m not going to be allowed to practice at all so my pitching is not going to be what it was. So I just need to go out and give my best and help my team as best as I can. Hopefully this means I can give Toni (Hileman) a couple of innings of rest. %^$ %^$Q: When it’s all said and done, how would you like to be remembered by your teammates?

%^$MR: As a good teammate and a good friend. Basically someone they could rely on and an all-around good person. I hope I made an impact on them in some way. Whether it be through friendships or something on the field. I hope they remember me as a being a good leader.

%^$Q: What do you think is the biggest difference in you now than when you were a freshman?

%^$MR: I think I’ve grown up a lot. Coming in as a freshman, I didn’t have a lot of experience playing at the level that is the Big Ten. I’ve also grown up a lot outside of softball. Softball has really helped me be the person I am.

%^$Q: This weekend should be exciting for you. Your old high school is sending its varsity and junior varsity softball teams to support you.

%^$Renae Weigel: My high school coaches have yet to see me play in a college game. And I don’t think anyone on the team has seen me play – just because the schedules conflict. I only know a few of the girls on the team – one of them is the sister of a girl I used to play with and another I used to baby-sit.

%^$Q: What would be a good piece of advice you could offer these young ladies?

%^$RW: To keep working hard at what you’re doing. And listen to Mr. (Don) Berry (the Coldwater Head Coach) because he does know what he is talking about.

%^$Q: Although you have not been injured this season, you have had to make adjustments all season long playing along side three different second baseman. Has this been tough?

%^$RW: It’s been tough because they each have a different style. But whoever we have put in got the job done.

%^$Q: What else would you like to accomplish this last half of the season.?

%^$RW: Just be more consistent with my fielding and hitting. I need to drive in more runs and do my job as well as I can.