April 14, 1999

Columbus, OhioHolly English and Toni Hileman are more than just teammates, they’re also roommates. The duo talk about their respective seasons.

Q: When the school year started, there were four pitchers on this staff. Two of those pitchers are now done for the season and the other can only pitch in spots. Now you are the team’s No. 1 pitcher. Has this added any pressure to your season?

Toni Hileman: I just look at the situation as being a part of my job. I’m going to do whatever my teammates or coaches ask me to do. The stress comes from when we as a team aren’t doing as good as we should be doing.

Q: You went from throwing 60 innings last year to over 125 with still a lot of season left. Has the workload been too much?

TH: I was kind of used to it from summer ball and from my freshman season at OU (Ohio University). I kind of look at it as something that needs to be done and I’m the one that needs to do. So I just go out and do it. Q: What type of goals do you have for the remainder of the season?

TH: I want to bring my ERA down and my walk ratio down. As a team I want us to win more. The win yesterday (against Iowa) gave us some confidence. Hopefully we go out and build off it. Q: What is it like living with a teammate?

TH: I like it. Holly and I get along. We have a lot in common and we talk a lot. It helps that we are pretty close friends.

Q: What will be the key to having a successful remainder of the season?

Holly English: I think as our batting progresses the wins will come. We have the talent to be a great offensive team, we just need be more consistent. I feel like we are starting to come around more but we still have more to improve on. Our defense has taken care of itself for the most part. This season can still be a fun time.

Q: What are your personal goals for the remainder of the season? HE: For myself, I’m hoping to come out stronger than what I have. I can still come around with the bats and as a team, get on a winning streak. We still have the ability with this team to come around and make this a good year.

Q: What are the secrets or keys to your own personal success on the field.

HE: I don’t feel like there is any secret or key to what I can do. I just go out and try as hard as I can. Whether its in the dugout cheering, or out to bat or in the field, you play a huge role on the outcome every game. As long as we as a team take advantage of whatever opportunities we get, we will be successful.

Q: What is it like living with a teammate?

HE: I hate it…just kidding. It’s always nice to live with someone you can trust and that is a close friend, regardless if they are a teammate or not.