April 20, 1999

Columbus, OhioWith just a month left in the season, the careers of seniors Carrie Vanderpool and Cheryl Palaroan are coming to a close. The duo talk about their respective seasons.

%^$Q: What are your immediate post-college plans?

%^$Cheryl Palaroan: After college, I plan to work and hopefully gain some experience in my field (child and family studies). I’ll be graduating in December, so I’ll take the next two quarters after that to work. By next fall, I hope to be attending graduate school somewhere out west to study marriage and family therapy.

%^$Q: In what ways have you changed since your freshman year?

%^$CP: In general, I think I’ve matured a lot. I’m the baby of my family, so coming far away from home was pretty difficult at first. I was pretty dependent on my parents, and now I like to consider myself a fairly independent person. My maturity has influenced a lot of different areas of my college career, both athletically and academically, but it’s helped me%^$learn more about myself than anything.

%^$Q: How would you like your teammates to remember you after your career is through?

%^$CP: I hope, if anything, they remember that I was a team player who gave 100 percent all the time. I also hope they remember me as someone they could go to if they needed help or advice on anything. I know that I’ve gone to them for help and advice plenty of times.

%^$Q: What will be your lasting memory or memories of OSU softball?

%^$CP: I think the image that will last a lifetime when I think of my softball career at Ohio State is not the wins and losses, the records broken or the statistics. Rather, the close friendships that I have been blessed with. I have met my closest friends on this team and I have learned so much from each individual I have played with. The class that I’m graduating with is even more special because they have truly made an impact and have been such a positive influence on the person I have become through these four years. They definitely made a lasting impression on me!

%^$Q: What are your immediate post-college plans?

%^$Carrie Vanderpool: Ideally, I would like to take a year off. I feel like I’ve been in school to long. So I would like to save some money and just relax.

%^$Q: In what ways have you changed since your freshman year?

%^$CV: I’ve definitely matured a lot and make better decisions. I think I am a better all-around person as well – socially, academically and athletically.

%^$Q: What are you goals for the remainder of the season?

%^$CV: Just do what ever I can to help the team to victory. I’m not in it for personal glory. Whatever it takes to win, that’s what I’m willing to do.

%^$Q: Why do you think you are such a huge competitor?

%^$CV: I’ve always been like that. That’s how I was raised. My dad mostly instilled it in me.

%^$Q: What are some of the good qualities of this team?

%^$CV: We focus on the positive. We don’t dwell on the negative. We do a good job in taking things one day at a time. Once that day is over, we move on. Everyone believes in each other and we have fun. That’s why we play softball.