TULSA, Okla. – Audrey Plant, a freshman pitcher on the Ohio State softball team, has this week’s travel blog from the Holiday Inn Tulsa-City Center Festival in Oklahoma.  

From Audrey…
From Three

Hey Buckeye Fans! Today, we ended our stay in Oklahoma against the University of Tulsa. We came out ready to play, but unfortunately, Tulsa’s bats out did us and we lost. After the game in our team meeting our coaches gave us valuable advice. Everybody on our team has a “short” list of what they can improve on to become a better team. It is up to everyone on our team to play their position the best they can. Though the record may not show it, our team is growing and learning that nothing will be given to us; we must earn everything that we want and deserve. Some days the other team is the better team and it is up to us to make sure that we are always giving the most effort regardless of the score. We all want to win but it is the growth of each player on our team that will get us to be a winning program once again.

We had some funny things that happen today before our game and at the airport that made everyone laugh! The first one is about myself. I am not the most agile person I will admit. While walking to the bullpen at Tulsa’s field, I got my foot caught on a construction fence that was in front of the bullpen. I fell hard on my face, and Melissa Rennie who was walking with me laughed out loud that the entire team heard and started to laugh at me! This isn’t the first time that I have fallen so now the team expects nothing less of me. I’m the world’s biggest klutz and our team has just learned to embrace my clumsy behavior. At the airport, our team was in line for check in and we all realized that Alicia Herron had her pants on backwards! It was so funny because her pants fit so awkwardly on her and she didn’t even notice. On the plane, once again it was me that had bad luck. While sitting on the plane waiting for the rest of the passengers to board, the person next to me dropped their bag on my head. I started laughing so hard to Melaina Saalfeld that I was crying and mascara was running everywhere down my face!  Of course my team gave me a hard time and laughed along with me.

I would like to make a “shout out” to Megan Coletta. She wanted to be mention in the blog so bad, so here you go Letta! Megan played a great second base for us today. She had my back, fielding hard ground balls, while I was pitching. She hasn’t played second that much and played so hard today and executed when she needed to.

Overall, our stay in Tulsa was a good one. Everyone here in Oklahoma is so hospitable and kind. We could have preformed better as a team and came up with more wins. However, I feel like our team did grow more than any other weekend this season. We will come together soon enough, our energy is there now we just to attack and stay within ourselves. Thank you for reading my blog this weekend! Also, I would like to thank all the parents that made the trip to watch us play, we are so blessed to have you as our parents and fans!

Thanks again for reading!

Important lesson learned this weekend: You have to expect more of yourself before others can expect the same.

Go Buckeyes!

Audrey #15

Day Two
Hey guys its Audrey again! Today we started off with breakfast at 9:30 am and started “relaxing” before our lunch. Our game got pushed back an hour so we had plenty of time to study, watch TV, and sleep! As a team, we had some funny stories that went on today. One of them was before getting on the bus, Dee Dee Hillman and Melaina Saalfeld tried to take the stairs because the elevator was taking so long. Instead, they got stuck in the stairwell and almost couldn’t get out!
It was a cold day today in Tulsa, when we started the sun was setting so there was hardly any warmth. Luckily, the Tulsa grounds crew provided our dugout with a heater! The highlight of our game was Alicia Herron’s BOMB! I mean it was a straight bomb that shot straight off the bat. If anyone knows how to hit the ball hard, Alicia sure knows how! We made errors in the game against Drake and were unfortunately unable to make up for the errors with our bats.
Tomorrow is a new day, for our team and we will have to continue to bring the energy and focus that we demand of ourselves everyday! We will have to minimize the errors and focus on our strengths for our next game. Our dugout is going to bring the energy and all we need to do is control what we can and execute.
Here’s a quote from Woody Hayes that is a true reflection of what our team is trying to do:

“Any time you give a man something he doesn’t earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”

We will have to earn everything that we want as a team and expect better everyday!

Go Bucks!
Audrey #15

Day One
Hey Buckeye Fans!

It’s Audrey here and I’m doing the blog this weekend! We arrived into Tulsa, Oklahoma, last night at 9:00 p.m. We had to support Cara Longworth on the plane because she hates flying so much and the turbulence didn’t help any. Our team was tired but so glad that we were on land after the rough turbulence. At the airport we met our bus driver, who is named Terrence, he’s an awesome bus driver with so much personality!

Once we got to the hotel we got our room keys and headed to our rooms. This week, I am rooming with Brittany Goodchild aka “B-Money”. We had our own nail salon last night in our room, making sure that our nails were looking fabulous. She brought so many colors to our nail party – it took a long time to pick just one color! We both decided on pink shades.

In the morning we woke up at 6:45 am and got ready for our games today. We arrived at Tulsa’s softball field at 8:30 am ready to hit in the batting cages. The stadium is absolutely gorgeous! What an awesome facility and beautiful campus. We played North Dakota in the first game and lost a heartbreaker in the 7th. After the game, our team needed to regroup. As the pitcher in the end of the North Dakota game, I gave up a home run that was hard to take. I was given the ball for the next game against Iowa State. Coach Henderson talked to me about “flushing” the past and focusing at the current moment.  I tried to focus on executing my pitches in the bullpen and not necessarily forgetting my past mistake but learning from it!

Our team’s energy for the game was ecstatic! We carried our fight through the entire game and really took it to our opponents. In the dugout, Leesa Gresham and Dee Dee Hillman led majority of our creative cheers! My team is simply the best at making original cheers that are catchy and have a good beat.  In the game, I tried to focus on my strengths as a pitcher and take care of business on defense; likewise the team took control of the game in the batter’s box! We were making solid contact throughout the game and played at our level of softball. We ended up run-ruling Iowa State in 5 innings and came home with a win. Overall, our team rose up to our expectations and played within ourselves. The little things are what win games!

Tomorrow is a new day and our only focus is the next game. It’s time to play our game on both sides of the field. Thank you for all of the support. It means so much to our team!

Go Buckeyes!

Audrey #15