Aug. 30, 2011

Photo Gallery

It is the 30th year reunion for the very 1st National Championship Cheerleading Squad. This squad placed 2nd in 1980 and then won the first National Championship for The Ohio State University in 1981! Since then the cheerleading program has brought home 3 other championships. What an honor to be the FIRST!

The members consisted of:

Kim Kellogg-Martin, captain
Juilee Peyton-Clark, co-captain
Debbie Ruthsatz-Myers
Maria Cimenello-Bucci
Anne Briggs-Brown
Beth Shaper-Breen
Jill Shaper-Passias

Mike Emrich, co-captain
Al Savransky
Mike Bower
Paul Carlson
Kevin Tompkins
Craig Conners
Danny Burns (deceased)