The 2022 Excellence Awards to celebrate our people and our successes will take place on Thursday, May 12, beginning at 11 a.m. These awards recognize exemplary staff members in the below categories from across the Athletics Department, Business Advancement and SASSO.

Look back at last year’s 2021 Excellence Award Winners

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Any staff member from the Athletics Department, Business Advancement or SASSO can nominate another staff member
  • To win an award, the staff member must be a full-time employee one year prior to the date of the awards presentation (May 12, 2021) — with the exception of the Rookie of the Year Award
  • To win an award, the employee’s overall rating on their most recent performance evaluation must be “meets expectations” or above
  • A staff member cannot win the exact same award two years in a row
  • A staff member may be nominated for and win more than one award in a single year

Integrity Award  

The person, who through individual accountability, promotes and progresses the standards and values of Ohio State.


  • Doug Archie
  • Lisa Davis
  • Dan Heckathorn
  • Leslie Lane
  • Kevin Lennon
  • Clare Quebedeaux

Education Award 

The person who demonstrates an appreciation and application for the lifelong learning through quality academic, competitive leadership and/or social experiences.


  • Quinn Barham
  • Dana Blount
  • Megan Leitnaker
  • Krissy Mullins
  • Wendy Rohaly
  • Mike Walden
  • Phil Yackee

People Award  

The person who focuses on providing an excellent experience to all including student-athletes, students, staff, and guests.


  • Paul Benedict
  • Jason Browning
  • Caleb Clark
  • Danie Daluisio
  • Jerry Emig
  • Lisa Frey
  • Kylie Haywood
  • Rachel Rokicki
  • Alicia Schmitt

Respect Award 

The person who promotes collaboration and inclusiveness while treating all people with respect.


  • Andy Heaton
  • Dr. Duncan Johnston
  • Kaila Olson
  • Juga Sow
  • Kate Sweeney

Innovation Award  

The person who utilizes innovative ideas to create and deliver impact.


  • Adam Cope
  • Nick Domicone
  • Brett Emerine
  • Brooks Imhoff
  • Pat Kindig
  • Kate Nushart

Community Award  

The person who is committed to paying forward by supporting people and/or causes across campus or in the community.


  • Jason Browning
  • Belkis Clark
  • Jerry Davis
  • Evan Derr
  • Sarah Precht

Excellence Award 

The person who is committed to representing our values and consistently serves as an exemplar for their peers.


  • Chris Friend
  • Carey Hoyt
  • Makena Lynch
  • Mike Smith
  • Alexandra Sommer
  • Rick VanBrimmer

Rookie of the Year Award  

The new hire who demonstrates university values, department values and extraordinary service in their field.
To qualify this person started between May 12, 2021, and February 12, 2022.

  • Jason Hale
  • Logan Hittle
  • Jessica Isler
  • Mo Lavallee
  • Alexis Sigler
  • Zach Weeks
  • Frank Yeboah

Team Award 

The team/unit that went above and beyond throughout the past year to help the department, campus, or community.

Higher Purpose Award 

The person who is committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of the Department of Athletics, Business Advancement and SASSO. This award will be selected by the leadership committee.