Oct. 11, 2017

Members of the women’s basketball team along with head coach Kevin McGuff met with the media after practice on Tuesday to discuss the start of practice and preview the upcoming season.

Stephanie Mavunga on defense being the focus so far:
“It’s the biggest focus for us. Coach McGuff has been drilling that into us from day one. We need to be defensively ready for the season to start. I think that’s going to be important because defense wins games.”

Kelsey Mitchell on how she wants to see the team play this year:
“Honestly, I just want us to play happy. It feels that when something goes wrong, our season goes to shatters. I just want everyone to play as free as possible and if we do that, I think it will take care of a lot of things. We feel like there is always pressure on us and that we have to do something special. When it comes down to it, if we can play within ourselves and within the system, a lot of things will come together.”

Makayla Waterman on where she sees improvement from the team so far this year:
“We know we can score. The numbers prove that the last two years. So this year we’re really working on playing solid half-court defense. That’s what we’re improving on. We haven’t got there yet but we’re taking little steps in the right direction each practice. If we can get better defensively, it will help our offence even more.”

Asia Doss on if conditioning has changed this year from previous years with only nine players:
“Conditioning has pretty much been the same as in past years. I’m not going to lie, I don’t know how we get in shape. If it’s all the little things we do in between the drills? We can’t do too much off the court because our numbers are limited. But with the smaller numbers, it just kind of works out with how much running and pushing the ball we do in practice. You get in the best shape by actually playing and coach McGuff allows us to do that.”

Linnae Harper on how playing with USA Basketball this summer helped her game:
“It really helped my game and what I can bring back to the team. Since day one of practice, we’ve been focusing on the little things. Team chemistry, communication and hard work are the little things we need to do to win. That’s what worked overseas and so I’m trying to bring that here so we can do the same.”

Sierra Calhoun on the opening stretch of games:
“We are definitely are going to have to fight through adversity and focus on the little things. The first couple of games well really test us but I feel like we should be up for the challenge.”