Team Competition Camp
June 26-29, 2011

Leg attack
Heavyweight School
Lou Rosselli 5-day Intensive
July 10-14, 2011

Lou Rosselli 12-day Intensive
July 10-21, 2011

Father Son/Elementary
July 15-17, 2011

Technique Camp
Turn & Pin
Lou Rosselli 5-day Intensive
July 17-21, 2011

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Lunch and dinner will be provided and are included in the camp fees. All meals will be provided for overnight camps.

Campers will be participating in the newly renovated French Field House, and Horse Shoe Football Stadium.

Official Ohio State Wrestling Camp apparel is now available for sale! All proceeds benefit the Ohio State Wrestling Team. CLICK HERE for the order form.

Registration is open to campers in grades 7 – 12 and 1 – 6 for the Father/Son Elementary Camp. Upon processing of each registration, a confirmation notice will be sent. For further information, or if you have any questions, email the Camps Office at

Airport transportation is available for flights that arrive in Columbus from 10am – 3pm on the day of check-ins and 11:30am – 5pm on the day of check-outs. Click here for the request form. Please fax the completed form to Alex Picazo at 614-292-8480 or email to You will receive a confirmation email to confirm receipt of your request.

A parent consent form is REQUIRED for all participants. Please visit to obtain the form. Please complete, sign and send the form with your child to check-in – do not send the form to us prior to the camp. Campers will not be permitted to participate without this form.

Upon processing of each registration, an initial confi rmation notice will be sent by email. A follow-up confirmation notice will also be mailed to campers. “Important Information for Registered Campers” (including a Parent Consent Form) will also be posted on the Buckeye Sports Camps webpage at Each camp participant should review this document prior to coming to campus.

Campers registering for Wrestling summer camp with a group of 10 of more are eligible for a $15 discount. All registrations must be submitted by mail in one envelope. The discount is not available online.

A full refund less a $100 administrative fee will be issued for any cancellation received at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp session. Any cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior to the start of camp session will generally not be eligible for a refund. Cancellation notices and refund requests must be submitted on the Refund Request Form available at no later than August 31, 2011. The registration fee cannot be transferred to any other Ohio State sports camp or campers.

Buckeye Sports Camps
Phone: 614-247-CAMP (2267)




June 26 – June 29
Grades 8 – 12

This camp is one of the most popular competition camps in the country and offers campers a combination of technique instruction and hard-nosed competition, both of which are crucial for campers who want to take the step to the next level. Each day, campers will take the mat for three sessions. These sessions will be a combination of dual meets, individual tournaments and technique sessions. Each dual match will be reviewed and critiqued by our camp instructors and staff. After each dual meet, an Ohio State coach assigned to your team will talk about the psychological aspects of wrestling, a critical factor in becoming a better wrestler. Each day will also have a technique session to improve your understanding of wrestling’s most important concepts. Wrestlers who are working to become champions cannot afford to miss this camp.




July 17 – 21
Grades 7-12

This camp will focus on mat wrestling, riding, and escapes. Campers will still get instruction on the neutral positions and takedown offense and defense, but the main focus will be different mat wrestling styles and techniques.




July 17 – 21
Grades 7-12

This camp is designed for wrestlers at every experience level. Campers will have the opportunity to learn wrestling skills in all three positions (feet, top, bottom). The skills taught at this camp will be taught incrementally so that every wrestler will be able to grasp each skill. Campers will be grouped based on experience so that campers can learn at their own pace.




July 10 – 14
Grades 7-12

Ohio State’s nationally-acclaimed coaching staff, as well as some of Ohio’s greatest wrestlers, will teach campers the techniques and drills you must know when in the neutral position. The objective of this camp is for campers to learn the skills that will help them master takedowns. Intensive drilling and repetition will enable each camper to improve their skills. Takedown tournaments and live situations will also be included in the schedule. Become a Takedown Master like Ohio’s elite wrestlers!




July 10 – 14
Grades 7-12

The Heavyweight School is designed to meet the needs of athletes who are above 180 pounds. The technical skills covered in this camp are conducive to making an upper-weight wrestler successful. Additionally, it is a guarantee to compete against wrestlers of the same size and age, which is always difficult as an upper-weight wrestler. We look forward to implementing the skills, drills, and mental toughness that is necessary for all upper-weight wrestlers to win at the highest level. The Buckeyes have some of the elite upper weights in the nation. Enroll now and train alongside America’s best. See you this summer!




July 10 – 14
July 17 – 21
Grades 7-12

Lou Rosselli (United States Freestyle World Team Coach) will work with each camper, teaching them the training methods necessary to become a champion at the highest level. Each camper will have an opportunity for one-on-one instruction with a member of our coaching staff as well as members of the Ohio State wrestling team. Coach Rosselli’s teaching system is personally tailored to help you move up to the next level. This intensive camp system has attracted and helped produce state champions across the nation. Many of Coach Rosselli’s campers have later placed or won at their state tournament. If you are ready to make a commitment to your wrestling and want to learn what it takes to win at any level, you need to register for this camp. This camp is intended for the serious wrestler. In addition to a great deal of sparring and live wrestling, campers will experience a demanding physical conditioning program.



July 10 – 21
Grades 7-12

Athletes often attend a camp and learn great technique and training skills but then fail to implement these skills when they return home. For those wrestlers who truly want to internalize these skills for success, Lou Rosselli now offers 12 days of his intensive camp. Wrestlers will have more time working with world class coaches and wrestlers to hone their skills and techniques and initiate a training program they can continue to apply when they return home.




July 15 – 17
Grades 1-6

This camp is designed for the novice wrestlers who want to experience all that The Ohio State University has to offer. We will cover the basic skills needed for any beginner to improve his wrestling abilities by learning takedowns, escapes and pinning combinations. The kids love this camp, as the first hour of every session is dedicated to technique, and the second hour keeps their attention with fun games. Some games are skill-related while others or just for fun. This 3-day camp is a must for all young wrestlers who wish to be exposed to wrestling and are looking for advice from Ohio State’s best. This camp is designed for campers in grades 1-6; each camper is permitted to bring one adult to camp. Fathers will be encouraged to participate with learning and teaching technique on the mat. If the camper is a resident, the father will stay with them him the dorms. One adult is also welcome to bring more than one camper.