Ohio State Spring Game
April 24, 2010
Ohio Stadium
Attendance: 65,223

Adam Homan, sophomore running back
On his brother Ross Homan
“It means the world to me he’s coming back. I didn’t want to try and influence him in any way on his decision. He’s been the one I’ve looked up to since I was little and I’m just so happy I get one more year to learn and grow with him.”

Brian Rolle, senior linebacker
On defensive progression
“I think the defense has made a big step forward from the fall. We’re really getting there, but I always feel like we can get better. We’ve just got to make sure we read each other well.”

On the safeties
“We’ve got guys stepping in who do a great job. I feel like the safeties are really coming together and working as a group. It’s a good feeling.”

Dane Sanzenbacher, junior wide receiver
On the offensive progression
“I’m happy with it overall. A lot of guys are really stepping to the plate and making big plays. It felt like things were falling into place a little bit today.”

On improvement in spring practice
“I worked on making more yards after catching the ball. We want to be able to get more yards after the catch. We’re working in the weight room and at practices to get stronger.”

On top guys during spring practice
“Kenny Guiton was definitely the top guy during practices. He made huge steps in his game. I feel like the running backs are probably the top position in improvement. They were looking very good during spring.”

Jack Mewhort, redshirt freshman offensive lineman
On extra experience
“I’m excited to get my redshirt year behind me and get going this fall. I know I have to earn my spot but I’m going to work hard to be able to get on the field.”

On Kenny Guiton’s performance
“He looked awesome. He’s a great quarterback. I watched his high school film before he even came here and knew he would be amazing on the field someday. I don’t think anyone gave him enough credit and he proved himself out there today.”

On the last drive
“It was so exciting out there. It’s what football’s about, out having fun on the field with my buddies.”

Ross Homan, senior linebacker
On honorary coach John Reed
“He was a mentor of mine from junior high through high school. I owe everything to him and he’s the reason I’m here now. He taught me a lot of life values.”

On his limited playing time during the game
“It was just a precaution to take me out. It was good for the young guys to get out on the field to play and compete a little bit.”

Ken Guiton, redshirt freshman quarterback
On Joe Bauserman
“There are no hard feelings between me and Joe. We know it’s just competition and nothing personal. He’s been very cool all spring.”

On being the gray’s first quarterback selection
“It was really cool since the seniors were the ones drafting the players. It shows a lot of respect on their part and it means a lot to me.”

On getting injured
“I went to throw the ball and Keith Well’s helmet went to my knee. I feel fine now. I think it was just more of the initial pain.”

On spring practices
“It was a lot of fun. I think I did really well during spring practices. I could have done better during the game today, but overall I feel it went really well.”

Taurian Washington, senior wide receiver
On moving up the depth chart
“That’s something I can’t really comment on right now. I just have to keep working hard to see the field more. Whatever happens, happens.”

On quarterback Kenny Guiton
“He played great today. He proves himself every day in practice and his confidence has risen lately. He has played extremely well this spring and I think there are great things in the future for him.”

On the game-winning play
“Kenny threw a great, great pass over the top. I’m glad he made the decision to put the ball up there. I’ve had a pretty successful spring and I’m hoping it carries over into the fall.”