Carey Fagan, Ohio State head coach
On the 2010 Big Ten Championships
“I can’t say enough about how easy things been going this championship, Brittan Roth has done an excellent job. I can’t say enough about how easy the Ohio State staff has made this event. Coming in seeded last wouldn’t be my choice as a host however when I look at our season highs and some of the scores from the top teams averages – it’s sports and if we have a great day who knows what can happen.”

On the team’s health
“Tomorrow we’ll be competing five in the all-around. When you start with 12 healthy girls and it then decreases to eight and four there is not much you can do. We make the best of it. There are some girls in the lineup whose beam routines weren’t the strongest in the beginning of the season but they’ve competed all season and become more comfortable on the event.

“My message to my team is you’re responsible for all four events even if some of those aren’t your best. We recruit gymnasts to compete on all events. Were hoping Hilary Dow can compete on two events tomorrow and the other five will be doing the all-around.”

Bob Starkell, Illinois head coach
“The arena has a fabulous look so much appreciation to the Ohio State event management and coaching staff.

“My group is on a fairly consistent roll and our experience will help us to do well with nearly the same lineup as last year.”

Larissa Libby, Iowa head coach
“We have had an interesting season this year. This backend of the season has been the most rewarding and enlightening as a coach. We have been using girls who would never have seen the competition floor but have pushed through hurdles and now will be competing for conference titles.”

Meg Stephenson, Minnesota head coach
“Every year we get to this competition and I just feel so lucky to be a part of the Big Ten because I think so highly of my colleagues. We are just excited to be here and anxious to get things started.”

Steve Shephard, Penn State head coach
“I’d like to thank The Ohio State University for putting on a great event so far. We anticipate the competition will be equally great. It’s been a great season so far.

“During the coaches meeting earlier today we were going over award nominations and its remarkable o listen to what quality individuals we have. They are not only great athletes but wonderful women who will be a great asset to the community. There will be a tremendous amount of parity at this competition as everyone is capable of posting a great score.”

Bev Plocki , Michigan head coach
“I have respect and admiration for all the coaches and athletes in this conference and I’m very proud to be a part of the Big Ten in women’s gymnastics. I’m looking forward to the competition. It’s going to come down to hitting handstands and sticking dismounts.

“For the fans it’s going to be fantastic. The fans will come wearing their team’s colors and cheering it will be a great atmosphere. I wish everyone the best of luck tomorrow.”

Kathie Klages, Michigan State head coach
“We have a great group of coaches and athletes here, any given day anything can happen and we’re hoping for a little bit of that magic tomorrow. My team struggled in the middle of the season but I think we are hitting strong at this point. It’s going to be a battle tomorrow so we’re hoping to be one of those teams fighting up in that battle.”

On the Big Ten Network
“It’s very exciting that the meet is live. Last year we were quite shocked to hear it would be live and we were pleased to see how well it went last season. It gives a chance for parents and fans who may not be able to make it here to see the event.”