April 19, 2019

🗣 Coaching Colleagues Share Their Gratitude for Pete Hanson


“For all that has been – Thanks. For all that shall be – Yes.”

“I have looked up to Pete since I was hired to coach at Ohio State. Pete set the standard on what is expected at Ohio State for non-revenue sports. Coach Hanson was as good as it gets and his student-athletes overachieved year in and year out due to his masterful style.”
–Ty Tucker, Ohio State men’s tennis head coach since 1999

“Pete Hanson not only has been a great asset to the growth and development of men’s volleyball for the past 35 years at OSU, but a very good friend. Best wishes Pete in retirement and God bless.”
–Arnie Ball, Purdue Fort Wayne men’s volleyball coach (1978-2015)

“Pete is a fantastic person, coach, and a true Buckeye.  His record speaks for itself.  His team and our athletics department will surely miss him. I am confident golf will become his new game. Congrats,  buddy!”
–Therese Hession, Ohio State women’s golf head coach since 1991

“The effect Pete has had on not only the Buckeyes he’s coached, but the Nittany Lions he coached against, has been outstanding. Personally, one of my dearest friends, I’m going to miss him. Good luck with retirement. All the best, Pete.”
–Mark Pavlik, Penn State men’s volleyball head coach since 1995

“I’ve been fortunate to have Coach Hanson down the hall from me for a decade to talk about volleyball, fly fishing and life. He’s absolutely one of the highest quality people in our profession and will be missed.”
–Geoff Carlston, Ohio State women’s volleyball head coach since 2008

“Congratulations to Pete on his well deserved retirement as coach at The Ohio State University. Pete has been a treasure to the university, the hundreds of young men fortunate enough to play for him and to the sport of volleyball nationally. Pete is a model of what we’d all like coaches to be, committed, knowledgeable, compassionate, strong advocates for their programs and everyone connected. ‘Doing the right thing’ is easy to say, a hard standard to meet. Pete met that standard continuously and over time. I am so proud that Pete led the OSU men’s volleyball program for the past 35 years, and with such great success on and off the court. What a special legacy he leaves behind. Again, my sincere congratulations to Pete and his family on a special career.”
–Doug Beal, USA Volleyball CEO (2005-16) and U.S. Men’s National Team head coach (1977-84, 1997-2005)

“Pete has etched ‘his way’ into the fiber of our men’s volleyball program for so long. His legacy is paved in consistent excellence. Every aspect of an elite leader can be found in Pete’s character. We are honored to have worked alongside him for so many years and we all will miss his influence. Thanks, Pete, for giving to so many for so long. Congratulations on reaching the milestone of retirement.”
–Lori Walker-Hock, Ohio State women’s soccer head coach since 1997

“Pete is one of the best, not only as a coach but as a person. His impact has been immeasurable on the student-athletes, coaches and volleyball world as a whole. I personally have been blessed to call him my colleague, friend and mentor.”
–Dan Friend, Lewis men’s volleyball head coach since 2005