April 22, 2020

🎬 Battalion Commander, Lynsey Wallace



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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State women’s ice hockey goaltender, Lynsey Wallace, is among over 150 students in Ohio State’s Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. Wallace, a rising senior from Seven Hills, Ohio entered the program as a freshman and is currently one of just a few student-athletes in the whole Ohio State battalion. Just this spring, Wallace was appointed the most senior position in the battalion for the Fall 2020 semester. To her teammates, Lynsey is still Lynsey, or even Wally, but to her battalion, Lynsey is now Battalion Commander Wallace.

Lynsey, you were just named the Battalion Commander (BC) of the Ohio State Battalion for the fall 2020 semester. How did you get chosen for this role and who are you responsible for in your role?


There are a number of senior positions to be appointed to. Tell me a bit about each one and where Battalion Commander ranks in those positions.


There are a lot of responsibilities with this new role, describe some of them and the daily tasks you’ll have as the BC.


What will your next step be in terms of training? I’d imagine you’ll be doing a lot over the summer. What will that look like and how will that continue into the fall semester?


There aren’t many student-athletes participating in Ohio State’s ROTC program because of the time commitment they both requite. How will you manage your new role all while going into your senior season with Ohio State hockey?


What are you most excited about or looking forward to with this new role? What are some anticipated challenges?

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