Ohio State Women's Tennis History

SeasonOverall RecordB1G RecordB1G FinishNCAA FinishHead CoachSeason StatsTeam Guide
201814-97-4t-3rdFirst RoundMelissa SchaubSeason StatsTeam Guide
201732-311-0t-1st (!) SemifinalsMelissa SchaubSeason StatsTeam Guide
NCAA Notes
201631-311-01st (!)QuarterfinalsMelissa SchaubSeason StatsTeam Guide

NCAA Notes
201520-710-12ndFirst RoundMelissa SchaubSeason StatsTeam Guide
201419-98-3 3rdFirst RoundMelissa SchaubSeason StatsTeam Guide
201310-143-8 T-8thMelissa SchaubSeason StatsTeam Guide
201210-164-7 T-7thChuck MerzbacherSeason StatsTeam Guide
201115-117-3 T-3rdChuck MerzbacherSeason StatsTeam Guide
201020-105-5 T-5thSecond RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason StatsTeam Guide
200915-117-3 4thFirst RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason StatsTeam Guide
200819-86-4 5thFirst RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason StatsTeam Guide
200718-106-4 5thChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
200613-133-7 7thChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
20057-192-8 9thChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
200414-146-5 T-2ndSecond RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
200312-126-4 T-4thFirst RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
200219-77-4 3rdFirst RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
200117-117-3 3rdFirst RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
200018-89-2 T-1stSecond RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
199914-116-4 6thFirst RoundChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
199810-142-8 8thChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
199712-134-6 7thChuck MerzbacherSeason Stats
199612-122-8 T-8thFirst RoundLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
199513-92-9 9thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
199410-133-8 9thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
19937-123-8 10thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
199211-113-8 8thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
199113-143-10 7thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
199011-134-7 9thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
19899-161-8 9thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
198810-181-8 8thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
198714-162-8 8thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
198613-172-8 8thLeeAnn MassucciSeason Stats
198513-144-8 9thBarbara MuellerSeason Stats
198412-142-7 8thBarbara MuellerSeason Stats
198318-172-6 7thBarbara MuellerSeason Stats
19828-201-9 10thBarbara MuellerSeason Stats
198114-193-10 4thBarbara MuellerSeason Stats
198010-111-6 3rdBarbara MuellerSeason Stats
197913-53-2 1stBarbara MuellerSeason Stats
197818-54-1 1stMary RaysaSeason Stats
197712-54-0 1stMary RaysaSeason Stats
197611-63-0 1stMary RaysaSeason Stats
19757-0N/R 1stMary RaysaSeason Stats
19748-0-1N/R 1stMary RaysaSeason Stats
19737-1Mary RaysaSeason Stats
(!) B1G Tournament champion
*1995: single elimination play in championship on day one, double elimination for remaining matches
1996-98: Began use of single elimination format for Conference championship; team champion declared Conference champion
1999-05: Regular season winner declared “Big Ten Women’s Tennis Regular Season Champion” and championship used to determine “Big Ten Conference Champion” and NCAA automatic qualifier; in final team standings, championship winner placed first and championship runner-up placed second (regardless of record); final conference record determined by following formula -- regular-season record plus any upsets in championship. If a lower seed upsets a higher seed, the lower seed will gain a win while the higher seed will incur a loss. However, a win over a team with an identical record will not count as an upset regardless of seeding.
2006-08: Final team standings to include only results from regular season Big Ten matches
2009-present: Regular season winner declared “Big Ten Champion” and tournament used to determine “Big Ten Tournament Champion” and NCAA automatic qualifier.