July 4, 2018

Top 10 Brutus GIFs of the Year


Buckeye Nation, we’ve had some good times this year. Some of those times were so fun, we’re going to relive them right here, right now.


Without further ado, allow me to present the top 10 Brutus GIFs of the year…

No. 10: Hold Up


Some events around here move move a million miles a minute. Sometimes its better to stop for a second before the party starts up again.

No. 9: Drum Away


Everyone forgets that I was the fifth Beatle… smh.

No. 8: I see you


No caption necessary here.

No. 7: Pipe It Up


Oh, did I not mention I play other instruments?

No. 6: Surprise


The best surprise of all….. ME!!!!

No. 5: Face time


Don’t mind me, just passing through.

No. 4: High Fashion


I’m a trendsetter in the fashion world. Eat your heart out Armani.

No. 3: Linebacker U


…. is definitely not Penn State. Urban, whenever you need me, you know where to find me.

No. 2: Watch your back


You never know who is behind you…

No. 1: Hello, old friend


Never gets old.