Oct. 13, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Through the contributions of generous benefactors, Ohio State Athletics has been able to construct some of nation’s most impressive practice and competition facilities. To build upon this stellar tradition for which Ohio State has become widely recognized, a new master plan for a discrete Athletic District has been created.

The Athletics District will consolidate the vast majority of practice and competitive facilities into a contiguous space. Doing so will capitalize on all the economies of scale such a district affords, providing student-athletes and their coaches the optimal training and competitive environments.

The Covelli Center and the Schumaker Student-Athlete Development Complex will anchor the district plan, with each facility impacting all student-athletes in each of Ohio State’s 36 sports.

The Athletic District will be entirely student-athlete focused. It will be the place where young people dedicate themselves to achieving their dreams of Big Ten Conference titles and national championships – and in some cases, professional sport and Olympic opportunities. The district will provide all that is needed for elite college athletes to finely tune their athletic skills. It will also help the department continue to attract the best and brightest student-athletes from across the country.

Ohio State Athletics is dedicated to the development of the total student-athlete and the Athletics District will also be an investment in the emotional and social development of student-athletes. Its staff will provide the support student-athletes need to reach their potential, learn, and grow as people.

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