Sustainability Fan Guide


Bicycle Parking Information

  1. Bike racks can be found outside most Athletics facilities
  2. The Recreation and Physical Activity Center bike racks are open to the public, but are not monitored by staff.
  3. “Pedal Instead” valet bicycle is staffed by volunteers who keep bikes secure until the end of football games.

For more parking information, visit Schottenstein Center and Ohio Stadium

Plan Your Trip on the COTA. Be sure to check schedule changes for large events such as football games.

Live near campus? Walking is beneficial to your health, is energy efficient and it’s free!

Carpooling with friends and family saves miles on your car, money, reduces congestion and pollution. When using a ride-sharing service, use the carpool feature!

Tailgate Tips

Host a Sustainable Tailgate

These tips help you save money on tailgates and reduce your impact on the environment! Zero waste volunteers will be available to educate and provide assistance in recycling practices.

  • Bring reusable dishware, cups and silverware to avoid disposable products.
  • If reusable isn’t an option, choose disposable items made from plant based materials rather than plastics.
  • Recycle any plastic or glass bottles and aluminum cans.
  • Supply your tailgate with food and drink from local businesses.
  • Tweet us @OhioStSustain a picture of your #OSUZeroWaste tailgate.

Attending the Game

Help Ohio Stadium achieve zero waste. Learn more about what can be recycled and composted on game day. When in doubt, throw it out*!

*Trash bins will not be located in the stadium. Please place trash items in recycling bins as it will be sorted after.


  • Food
  • Napkins/Paper Towels
  • Paper Products
  • Pizza Boxes


  • Plastic Bottles
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Glass Bottles
  • Anything not compostable