July 1, 2018

State-of-the-Art Facility Opening This Fall


The Ohio State University women’s lacrosse team is set to move their operations into The Schumaker, the brand new, state of the art facility built to provide a top notch experience for the 33 Olympic sports sponsored by Ohio State


“We’re so excited about this new facility,” women’s lacrosse head coach Alexis Venechanos said. “The ability to train at the highest level with all the advanced facilities and having access to it 24/7 will only continue to take our program to the next level.”

Housed inside of the 110,000 square foot facility will be 15,500 square ft. of training space, including a brand new weight training area and hydrotherapy pools to aid in recovery and performance.

In total, the facility will provide the absolute best opportunity for student-athletes at OSU to succeed both on and off the field, while also giving the student-athletes a chance to grow together during their time in Columbus.

With state of the art training facilities, fully dedicated locker rooms for eight different sports, a large space for dining and more space for studying or relaxing, The Schumaker will be the new gold standard in student-athlete facilities in the nation.

“When we recruit women’s lacrosse student-athletes here, we always talk about providing them with a first-class experience — on and off the field,” Coach Venechanos concluded. “With the new technologies provided within the Schumaker complex, recruits are going to be able to train and compete in the elite facility in the country.”