April 13, 2013


Urban Meyer, head coach
On playing in Cincinnati
“This was a great day for Ohio State football. To come back to Cincinnati, I consider this partly my hometown and we have a lot of guys on this staff who do as well: Kerry Coombs, Tim Hinton, Mickey Marotti, then Adolphus Washington and Andrew Norwell.”

On the team’s visit in the Queen City
“To have almost 40,000 people show up for a scrimmage, to have the Reds Museum treat us the way they did, there are so many things I wish we could do here. Coach Hayes started the tradition years ago when they would go visit a place, he’d take them around and educate the players. We just don’t have time to do that this year. I think that’s a great concept. It’s been a great trip. We’re going to take them to Montgomery Inn, the boathouse and get a little taste of Cincinnati and some Skyline Chili and Graeter’s … it’s going to be a great trip.”

On the game overall
“It was a pass-heavy game, an area that we weren’t very good at last year, an area that we have to get better in. I thought at times that Braxton Miller and a couple of the wideouts, Philly Brown in particular, did very well. It’s been a continuation of what started all spring and Philly Brown is turning into a legitimate All-Big Ten candidate at wide receiver for us, which we need.”

On the performance of the tight ends
“Our tight ends are doing a lot of really good things. Jeff Heuerman and Nick Vannett who had a concussion this week so he didn’t play. Our two tight ends, I feel very good about.”

On the up and coming offense
“I would be disappointed if we’re not the best offense in the Big Ten. The one glaring weakness is that fifth player of the offensive line. We have a legitimate concern about who that player is. I feel good about four of the five starters and unless we get that fixed, there goes the best offense in the Big Ten. One of those young players has got to step up and they haven’t this spring.”

On the strong defensive players in today’s game
“On defense, a couple names that Coach Fickell and Coach Withers gave me that I noticed as well. Adolphus Washington has really raised his level of play. He’s a legitimate player as a starter at Ohio State. We saw him today just have his way with the offensive line. He could be a very good player. C.J. Barnett is a guy that had an up-and-down season last year. He’s a very good leader.”

Braxton Miller, junior quarterback
On his performance today
“(It was) Pretty good. I still have some things to work on and I made some mistakes.”

On being limited in the running game
“I just did what I had to in the passing game and got the ball in the hands of playmakers.”

On biggest improvement this spring
“Placing the ball where it needed to be placed, especially hitting receivers in stride and back-shoulder throws.”

On play of defensive line and right tackle
Noah Spence and Adolphus [Washington] work hard, they have to fill big shoes from the guys who left last year and they proved we have to keep working at the right tackle position.”

On the touchdown to Philly Brown
“The play depends on how the corner defends it. If he’s over the top, it’s a back-shoulder throw. We work on that all the time, it worked out pretty well.”

On confidence as a passer
“I know the plays better, how they’ll develop and where the guys are going to be. It allows me to move around the pocket more confidently.”

Chris Fields, junior wide receiver
On what today was like
“We just all came out there to perform today and it was a lot of fun.”

What he developed through 15 practices
“The big thing was being more consistent…being more consistent on the field. And I also changed my routines off the field. I took the off-season serious and I worked very hard on the mechanics of my game.”

On being named a starter
“It feels good to be one of the starters on the team. I worked hard, like I said, in the off season and we all worked hard as a unit and it seems it will pay off as we now head into summer.”

On building off this successful spring
“I want to take advantage of every opportunity that I get. I want to just get on the field and practice during the off season and, again, just take advantage of every opportunity.”

On the difference between this year and last year
“I’m just having fun out there this year. I feel like I was thinking too much last year and this year I’m not thinking too much. I’m just having fun.”

Adolphus Washington, sophomore defensive lineman
On getting four sacks
“I just went out there and played football. I did what my coaches told me to do and it just happened that I got four sacks today.”

On post-sack celebration
“Raising one hand is just a thing the linemen do, we call it ringing the bell.”

On knowledge gained since freshman year
“I learned that in college, everybody plays hard every play. That surprised me a little.”

C. J. Barnett, senior safety
On taking advantage of scoring opportunities
“I think we made great strides this spring. There were a lot of questions coming into this season, especially on the defense with guys like John Simon graduating. It was important to see guys like Adolphus Washington step up and make some plays.”

On take away from spring practices
“The most important thing for this team is to keep going. Heading into the summer we have to get ready before the fall camp begins.”

On defensive line play
When the line is playing well, it makes my job easier. The defensive line is the most important part of the defense and we’re going to go as far as they’re going to go. When they get pressure and do what they have to do, it helps everyone on the backend.”

Kenny Guiton, senior quarterback
On takeaways from the game
“We improved as a team. Offensively we have a lot of weapons and I think you saw that today. Everyone was having fun and trying to show what they could do.”

On his performance in the game
“I thought I played pretty well. I have the offense down, and now it’s just about keeping everyone moving forward. I’m happy with what I did.”

On the key to team improvement in the summer
“Our leaders have to step up and take over the team when we aren’t around our coaches. We need to build camaraderie.”