Nov. 23, 2014


COLUMBUS, Ohio- The Ohio State fencing team finished competition at the Garrett Penn State Open, Sunday, in University Park, Pa., with ten top-10 finishes, seven of which garnered medals.

On the first day of competition, the women’s squad competed earning two gold medals. Eleanor Harvey claimed gold in foil, after defeating Notre Dame’s Nikki McKee in the finals, 15-3. Alanna Goldie tied for third after falling to Harvey in the semi-finals, 15-9. Mai Shaito made it to the table of 8, but fell to McKee, 15-8, earning fifth place.

Eugenia Falqui fought her way to a gold medal in epee after beginning the day ranked No. 13. Falqui earned a +24 indicator entering the direct elimination round, while teammate Becca Rutan tallied a +14 indicator to earn a spot in the table of 16. Rutan fell in the first round, ending in 11th place.

Celina Merza led the women’s sabre squad, finishing in ninth place, entering the direct elimination rounds with a +15 indicator.

On the second day of competition, the men competed claiming two gold medals of their own.

Freshman Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger claimed gold in epee after defeating fellow Buckeyes in the finals, Iñaki de Guzman (2), and semi-finals Julian Raul (3T). Ryan Tomlinson and Bill Meyer also earned spots in direct elimination competition, ending in sixth and 14th respectively.

Rhys Douglas garnered gold for the Buckeye sabre unit, defeating Penn State’s Kaito Streets, 15-7. Hector Florencia, 11th, and Alistair Delchamps, 12th, both qualified for the direct elimination bouts but fell in the first round. 

Chris Colley led the foil unit with a ninth place finish. Freshman Julien Baneux also qualified for the direct elimination round, ending in 16th.  

Buckeyes resume action for the December NAC in Dallas, beginning on Dec. 5.


Garrett Penn State Open
University Park, Pa.
Nov. 22-23


Women’s Sabre
9. Celina Merza
19. Alexa Antipas
37. Sterling Streb 

Women’s Epee
1. Eugenia Falqui
11. Becca Rutan 

Women’s Foil
1. Eleanor Harvey
3T. Alanna Goldie
5. Mai Shaito
31. Morgan Mzhen 

Men’s Sabre
1. Rhys Douglas
12. Hector Florencia
13. Alistair Delchamps
22. John Lazzari
35. Emmanuel Thomas 

Men’s Foil
9. Chris Colley
16. Julien Baneux
17. Devon Reina
24. James Hu
31T. Robert Caldwell
37T. John Vivian

Men’s Epee
1. Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger
2.  Iñaki de Guzman 
3T. Julian Raul
6. Ryan Tomlinson
14. Bill Meyer
17. Shawn Marshman
19. Matt Bogard
26. Andrew Kubisty
29. Nicolas Pouliquen
31T. Ernest Sutton
34. Abraham Coull
38. Michael Saari