April 5, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio– The No. 7 Ohio State rowing team will compete in its first road regatta of the season Saturday when it travels to Bloomington, Ind., to compete in the Big Ten Duals against Minnesota and No. 12 Wisconsin on Lake Lemon. The Buckeyes will face the Badgers in the morning session beginning at 9 a.m. and will row against the Gophers in the afternoon session which is slated to begin at 1 p.m.

Probable Lineups
2012 Big Ten Duals
Saturday April 7
Lake Lemon
Bloomington, Ind.

Ellen Heister
Claudia Herpertz
Eelkje Miedema
Allison Elber
Ilse Paulis
Emily Walsh
Ulrike Denker
Claire-Louise Bode
Coxswain: Amanda Poll

Katie Beletskaya
Samantha Fowle
Ashley Bauer
Meghan Birkbeck
Claudia Schiwy
Nadine Seehaus
Cori Meinert
Kate Sweeney
Coxswain: Victoria Lazur

Taylore Urban
Katie King
Stephanie Johnson
Emily Ralph
Coxswain: Dara Schnoll

Sarah Cornish
Brittney Wex
Kara Shropshire
Katherine Tylinski
Coxswain: Jenni Gill

Julie Dick
Ashley Dzurnak
Katherine Anne Cook
Lauren Eckles
Coxswain: Alexandra Sawatzki

Coxswain: Claire Sasowsky
Sarah Milota
Caroline Schneller
Meghan Rewick
Ellen Zwick
Sarah Kessler
Kelsey Albrinck
Nicole Becks
Heather Truthan

Coxswain: Melissa Trejo
Anne Fruth
Andie Bonamer
Sarah Marshall
Julie Walsh
Rachel Layfield
Sara Handa
Chloe Meyer
Katherine Skouby

2012 Big Ten Duals Race Schedule
Saturday April 7
Lake Lemon
Bloomington, Ind.

Morning Session

Lane 1 Lane 2
3V4 9 a.m. Wisconsin Ohio State
2N8 9:10 a.m. Indiana


9:20 a.m. Ohio State Wisconsin
1N8 9:30 a.m. Minnesota Indiana
9:40 a.m. Wisconsin Ohio State
2V4 9:50 a.m. Indiana Minnesota
10 a.m. Ohio State Wisconsin
1V4 10:10 a.m. Minnesota Indiana
10:20 a.m. Wisconsin Ohio State
2V8 10:30 a.m. Indiana Minnesota
10:40 a.m. Ohio State Wisconsin
1V8 10:50 a.m. Minnesota Indiana
11 a.m. Wisconsin Ohio State

Afternoon Session

Lane 1 Lane 2
3V4 1 p.m. Ohio State Minnesota
2N8 1:10 p.m. Wisconsin Indiana
1:20 p.m. Minnesota Ohio State
1N8 1:30 p.m. Indiana Wisconsin
1:40 p.m. Ohio State Minnesota
2V4 1:50 p.m. Wisconsin Indiana
2 p.m. Minnesota Ohio State
1V4 2:10 p.m. Indiana Wisconsin
2:20 p.m. Ohio State Minnesota
2V8 2:30 p.m. Wisconsin Indiana
2:40 p.m. Minnesota Ohio State
1V8  2:50 p.m. Indiana Wisconsin
3 p.m. Ohio State Minnesota

Big Ten Duals Scoring System
18 points for winning 1V8 boat; 9 points for second-place 1V8 boat 
12 points for winning 2V8 boat; 6 points for second-place 2V8 boat 
6 points for winning 1V4 boat; 3 points for second-place 1V4 boat 
4 points for winning 2V4 boat; 2 points for second-place 2V4 boat 
4 points for winning 1N8 boat; 2 points for second-place 1N8 boat 
2 points for winning 2N8 boat; 1 point for second-place 2N8 boat 
*The winner of the 1V8 boat shall serve as the tiebreaker. 
*The following boats must be filled: 1V8, 2V8, 1V4, 2V4. 
There shall be no penalty assessed to a team that does not bring a 2N8 boat. 
*If three of the four competitors bring 2N8 boats, scoring shall be done by comparing the head-to head results with the two other teams.

Come Watch!
The Buckeyes will host one more regatta on the Scioto River this spring April 28 when Harvard, Virginia and Clemson travel to Columbus. Races are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. For the complete 2012 rowing schedule, click HERE.

Moving on Up
Ohio State is now seventh in the latest CRCA/US Rowing Coaches Poll released Wednesday. Ohio State was previously ranked 10th and are one of five Big Ten teams in the Top 20. Michigan (2), Wisconsin (12), Michigan State (15) and Indiana (20) rank in the Top 20.

CRCA/US Rowing Coaches Poll (April 4)
Team (1st-place votes) Total Votes
1. Virginia (21) 458
2. Michigan (3) 412
T3. California 387
T3. Washington 387
5. USC 384
6. Princeton 381
7. Ohio State (1) 359
8. California Berkeley 358
9. Stanford 288
10. Brown 265
11. Harvard 248
12. Wisconsin 225
13. Yale 195
14. Washington State 171
15. Michigan State 138
T16. Cornell 105
T16. Clemson 105
18. Notre Dame 76
19. Dartmouth 57
20. Indiana 55

Strong Start
The then-No. 10 Buckeyes continued their strong start to the season adding 14 wins to their undefeated record (20-0) against No. 9 Yale and No. 12 Michigan State on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir March 28. All six boats improved their times from the previous week by four seconds or more. For the complete recap, click HERE.

Good Times
Each of Ohio State’s three championship boats (First Varsity Eight, Second Varsity Eight and First Varsity Four) is winning its race by an average time of more than seven seconds. The 1V8 is winning by an average time of 7.94 seconds, while the 2V8 is beating their opponents by an average margin of 11.44 seconds. Finally, the 1V4 is crossing the finish line by an average of 12.55 seconds over the second-place finisher.

Postseason is Near
The Buckeye postseason will begin in nearly a month May 13 at the 2012 Big Ten Championships. The head-to-head regatta will begin promptly at 9 a.m. in Indianapolis, Ind. The NCAA championships will take place May 25-27 in Mercer, N.J.

Up Next
Ohio State will travel to Ann Arbor, Mich., where it will face Oklahoma, Oregon State and Tennessee April 14 on Belleville Lake. Ohio State will face Oklahoma in the first session at 9 a.m. and Oregon State and Tennessee in the noon session.