April 14, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The No. 6 Ohio State rowing team downed Oklahoma, Oregon State and Tennessee by winning 12 out of 14 races Saturday on Belleville Lake in Ann Arbor, Mich. The Buckeyes won all six races en route to defeating the Sooners and then earned six victories over the Beavers and Lady Volunteers.

Of the Scarlet and Gray’s opening-session wins, the most impressive was by far the First Varsity Four’s Taylore Urban, Katie King, Stephanie Johnson, Emily Ralph and coxswain Dara Schnoll’s 35.87-second victory.

In the Second Varsity Four race, the Buckeyes topped the Sooners with a time of 7:40.85, 10.39 seconds faster than Oklahoma. The Second Varsity Four was comprised of Kara Shropshire, Ashley Dzurnak, Katherine Anne Cook, Lauren Eckles and coxswain Alexandra Sawatzki.

In the second to last race of the morning session, the Second Varsity Eight won by a margin of 18.64 seconds with a time of 6:48.20. The 2V8 consisted of Katie Beletskaya, Samantha Fowle, Ashley Bauer, Meghan Birkbeck, Claudia Schiwy, Nadine Seehaus, Cori Meinert, Kate Sweeney and coxswain Victoria Lazur.

In the final race of the first session, the First Varsity Eight led by coxswain Amanda Poll, Ellen Heister, Claudia Herpertz, Eelkje Miedema, Allison Elber, Ilse Paulis, Emily Walsh, Ulrike Denker and Claire-Louise Bode came across the finish line at 6:41.80, with Oklahoma finishing in 6:57.24.

The Ohio State Fourth Varsity Eight, which raced against Michigan’s Fourth and Fifth Varsity Eights, was second in their race with a time of 7:05.34.

In the second session Ohio State raced against Oregon State and Tennessee and won six of the seven races. The Fourth Varsity Eight rebounded in the afternoon with a victory over both Michigan’s Fourth and Fifth Varsity Eights with a time of 7:12.61.

The 2V8, crossing the finish line at 7:00.40, had the largest margin of victory in the second session with a 10.69-second win over Oregon State (7:11.09). Tennessee (7:14.55) was third. The Buckeye 1V8 pulled in the fastest time for Ohio State with a time of 6:48.25, beating Oregon State (6:53.73) and Tennessee (7:04.55).

Both Varsity Four boats for Ohio State sounded the horn more than nine seconds ahead of Oregon State and Tennessee. The 1V4 finished at a time of 7:44.42, 13.30 seconds ahead of the Lady Volunteers (7:57.72) and Beavers (8:04.86). The 2V4 finished at 7:49.63, beating Michigan (7:58.85) and Oklahoma (8:18.46).  The 1N8 fell to Oregon State with a time of 7:10.33.

Up next Ohio State will return home for its final home regatta of the season and will face Harvard, Virginia and Clemson April 28 on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir. The morning races are slated to begin at 9 a.m. against Harvard and Virginia, with races in the afternoon session scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. with the Buckeyes rowing against Clemson.

No. 6 Ohio State vs. Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon State, Tennessee
April 14, 2012
Lake Belleville
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Morning Session

2N8 Ohio St (7:18.31) Michigan (7:26.59) Oklahoma (7:41.99) Michigan 3N8 (7:55.96)
1N8 Ohio St (7:06.80) Oklahoma (7:08.99)
4V8 Michigan (7:05.20) Ohio St (7:05.34) Michigan 5V8 (7:17.30)
2V4 Ohio St (7:40.85) Michigan (7:51.24) Oklahoma (8:08.92)
1V4 Ohio St (7:37.20) Oklahoma (8:13.07)
2V8 Ohio St (6:48.20) Oklahoma (7:06.84)
1V8 Ohio St (6:41.80) Oklahoma (6:57.24)

Afternoon Session

2N8 Ohio St (7:26.07) Michigan (7:36.01) Michigan 3N (7:52.54) Oklahoma (7:53.04)
1N8 Oregon St (7:10.15) Ohio St (7:10.33)
4V8 Ohio St (7:12.61) Michigan (7:18.77) Michigan 5V (7:33.44)
2V4 Ohio St (7:49.63) Michigan (7:58.85) Oklahoma (8:18.46)
1V4 Ohio St (7:44.42) Tennessee (7:57.72) Oregon St (8:04.86)
2V8 Ohio St (7:00.40) Oregon St (7:11.09) Tennessee (7:14.55)
1V8 Ohio St (6:48.25) Oregon St (6:53.73) Tennessee (7:04.56)