March 24, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio– The No. 13 Ohio State rowing team had an impressive performance winning all six races against Notre Dame Saturday on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir.

In the Second Novice Eight (coxswain Melissa Trejo, Anne Fruth, Andie Bonamer, Sarah Marshall, Julie Walsh, Rachel Layfield, Sara Handa, Chloe Meyer and Katherine Skouby) and Third Varsity Eight (Charlene Jones, Kate Cline, Ashley Pryor, Taylore Urban, Julie Dick, Lauren Eckles, Katie Coons, Sarah Cornish and coxswain Alexandra Sawatzki) race, Ohio State’s 3V8 and 2N8 finished first and second, respectively. The Ohio State Third Varsity Eight jumped out to a four-seat lead at the 500-meter mark, while Notre Dame’s Third Varsity Eight had a seven-seat lead over the Buckeye Second Novice Eight. As the OSU 3V8 continued to maintain its convincing lead, the Ohio State 2N8 began to challenge Notre Dame at the 800-meet point and eventually overcame its deficit and pulled into second place. The horn sounded when the Buckeye 3V8 crossed the line at 7:04.2, followed by the Ohio State 2N8 (7:22.29) and Notre Dame (7:24.46).

In the First Novice Eight race, Notre Dame took an early four-seat lead at the 400 meter mark. Ohio State started to push back in the second quarter of the boat race to shorten the gap to a two-seat differential. By the 1,000 meter mark Ohio State had pulled ahead by four seats before extending their advantage by a boat length. In the last 500 meters, Ohio State widened its lead to open water and finished the race with a boat-length lead ahead of Notre Dame. Ohio State came in at 7:08.12 with Notre Dame finishing at 7:15.94. The First Novice Eight boat was led by coxswain Claire Sasowsky, with rowers Sarah Milota, Meghan Rewick, Heather Truthan, Carolyn Schneller, Sarah Kessler, Kelsey Albrinck, Nicole Becks, Ellen Zwick.

Up next was the Second Varsity Four race where Ohio State pulled to a small a lead in the beginning over Notre Dame. In the first 500 meters, Ohio State had pulled an open-water lead. Coming up on the 750 meter mark, the Buckeyes owned a lead of about 60 meters before finishing the race at 7:30.4. Notre Dame crossed the line at 7:59.89. The Second Varsity Four boat was comprised of coxswain Dara Schnoll, Katie King, Ashley Dzurnak, Katherine Cook and Katherine Tylinski.

In the First Varsity Four race Ohio State finished at a time of 7:25.60 with Notre Dame coming in at 7:49.13. The First Varsity Four of Stephanie Johnson, Eelkje Miedema, Katie Beletskaya, Meghan Birkbeck were led by coxswain Sami Jurofsky. Ohio State had a six-seat lead in the first 500 meters and as they passed the 500-meter mark owned an open-water advantage. Ohio State pulled within a length-and-a-half of open water by the 1,000 meter mark and finished the race with a four-boat length of open water over Notre Dame.

Ohio State had a 3 seat advantage over Notre Dame at the 750 meter mark in the Second Varsity Eight race. The Buckeyes extended their lead to a five-seat gain at the 1,000 meter mark. Ohio State continued to broaden its lead throughout the race reaching an open water advantage with 500 meters left in the race. Ohio State of Brittney Wex, Samantha Fowle, Ashley Bauer, Emily Ralph, Claudia Schiwy, Kara Shropshire, Corinne Meinert, Nadine Seehaus and coxswain Victoria Lazur, finished with a time of 6:37.70 with a half boat open water lead. Notre Dame crossed the finish line at 6:44.25.

The First Varsity Eight of Ellen Heister, Claudia Herpertz, Ulrike Denker, Allison Elber, Kate Sweeney, Emily Walsh, Ilse Paulis, Claire-Louise Bode and coxswain Amanda Poll finished at 6:28.09. Ohio State finished the last race with a solid lead from start to finish. The Buckeyes crossed the finish line with a boat length of water ahead of Notre Dame who came in at 6:35.39.

The Buckeyes are back in action next weekend when they host No. 7 Yale and No. 11 Michigan State March 31 on the Scioto River at Griggs Reservoir. The first session against Yale starts at 7:30 a.m. with races against Michigan State slated to begin at 10:30 a.m.

No. 13 Ohio State vs. Notre Dame
March 24, 2012
Columbus, Ohio
Griggs Reservoir- Scioto River

Race Results/Times
Ohio State (3V8)7:04.2
Ohio State (2N8) 7:22.29
Notre Dame (3V8) 7:24.46

Ohio State 7:08.12
Notre Dame 7:15.94

Ohio State 7:30.40
Notre Dame 7:59.89

Ohio State 7:25.60
Notre Dame 7:49.13

Ohio State 6:37.70
Notre Dame 6:44.25

Ohio State 6:28.09
Notre Dame 6:35.39