August 7, 2018

“In Their Own Words…”


Made up of 11 players, Ohio State’s Leadership Council is charged with setting the tone for this year’s Buckeyes in everything that they do: on the field and off the field, in the classroom and in the community. Members were voted on to the Leadership Council by their peers after last season was over.

2018-19 Leadership Council Members

Logan Maccani • Matt Borges • Lukas Buckley • Jack Jasinski • Jeff Henrick • Josh Kirson • Tre Leclaire • Ryan Terefenko • JT Bugliosi • Jackson Reid • Evan Riss

In their own words, three members of this year’s council talked about what being on the leadership council means to them and how it will shape the culture of the program:

“Being on the Leadership Council has been one of the greatest honors in my collegiate years. I’ve had such an interesting journey throughout my career – I started my time in Columbus in the early stages of my rehabilitation from ACL surgery and from that point on have worn many different hats as a member of this team. Due to this multi-directional journey, I feel as though I can empathize and relate to just about anyone who has the privilege of wearing the Scarlet and Gray, which makes me extremely proud to be a voice that can speak on behalf of our team as a whole.” -Lukas Buckley

“I think the leadership council has been so impactful in catalyzing the player driven culture Coach Myers hopes to foster for Buckeye lacrosse. When guys can see their teammates being the true decision makers behind how we operate as a group, it makes it very easy to buy in and adopt the way with which we carry ourselves as Buckeyes.”

“As an incoming senior and member of the Leadership Council, my goal is to make sure everyone knows they have a responsibility to the team to speak up and bring their perspective, no matter their year or spot on the team. When we can start blending our 40-50 individual perspectives and voices into one succinct Buckeye lacrosse way of life, I feel as though that is when we can achieve the success we chase.”


“Representing my class on the leadership council has been one of my biggest privileges since joining the Ohio State lacrosse team. Being on the leadership council has allowed me to help shape the current culture of the program, while also molding the future of Ohio State lacrosse. That is something I take great pride in.” -Ryan Terefenko

“The Leadership Councils’ main objective is to develop a better understanding of the pulse of the team and form a culture that will lead to success on the field. We do this by holding conference calls throughout the summer and numerous of meetings throughout the year. These conversations focus on what we believe the team needs to improve in order to have success on the field.”

“The Leadership Council is all about communication. You have to communicate your ideas and opinions to the rest of the group, while also listening to ideas that might differ from yours. This creates a great dialogue and has helped me grow into a more open-minded person when dealing with various situation within the team.”


“Being accepted to the Leadership Council by my teammates fills me with a great feeling of pride. Knowing that my hard work on and off the field is seen/appreciated by my teammates reassures me of everything I do. However, I wouldn’t have gotten the honor of being on the leadership council without the people around me. Most importantly, it makes me feel thankful for those who have ever taught me something throughout my life. This includes my family, all of my past and present coaches, and especially my teammates who all have helped me become a better player, teammate and man.” -Evan Riss

“The Leadership Council sets a standard for our team not only on the field, but also how we act and react in all aspects of our lives off the field. It allows each member of the team to see that the leadership roles/responsibilities are spread amongst the team, not just the coaches and captains. Allowing every member of our team to hold themselves and their brothers accountable opens a door that provides us with an opportunity to make everyone’s voices heard.”