Jan. 30, 2013

From the moment she stepped on campus four short years ago, Megan Detro has had as profound impact as any on the Ohio State women’s swimming program. A product of Carmel, Ind., Detro hit the ground running as a freshman, setting numerous school records and tallying nine wins total. Transitioning into her sophomore campaign, she continued to grow into a staple of head coach Bill Dorkenkott’s first Buckeye recruiting class by earning a Big Ten title in the 100 freestyle. As a junior last season, Detro once again posted nine individual wins and represented Ohio State at the NCAA championship meet.

Her work as a Buckeye, however, isn’t finished. With Big Tens and NCAAs fast approaching, she still has plenty of lofty team and individual goals to accomplish as a senior. Regardless of the outcome, it is safe to say Detro and the rest of the senior class will leave the program better than how they found it four years prior.

What was it like to compete at the Olympic Trials?
“It was one of the coolest meets I’ve ever been to. It was an awesome experience. There were so many Olympic swimmers that you got to see – it felt like you were at the Olympics. It’s actually faster than the Olympics. It was such a fun experience to be able to get up and race the fastest people in the world.”

As a freshman, you received an award for being the hardest worker. Is there a certain freshman that has really impressed you with their work ethic?
“I think there are a couple freshmen who have came in and worked really, really hard. There are also a few juniors who are setting a great example for the underclassmen on how to work hard in swimming, on dry land and in anything else we do.”

As a senior, what has it been like working with head coach Bill Dorenkott for the past four seasons?
“It has been great getting to know him. He’s been a life mentor, more than just a coach. He has always put swimming fourth in our lives – behind family, faith and school. It’s been great getting to know what he thinks about everything. It’s been great to have a coach who teaches me more than just swimming.”

How has the team dynamic changed since adding assistant coach Liz Hinkleman to the team?
“Liz brings out such a fun, bubbly side to swimming, so it’s been fun to have her around. Her enthusiasm for the sport is great. She’s been a head coach before so she knows what she’s doing and it’s easy to trust her.”

What is an individual highlight of this season so far for you?
“I’d say the Olympic Trials were the highlight of this past year. I tried to make it in 2008 and I fell a bit short, so being able to compete this past year was such a fun experience.”

What are your goals for the rest of the season?
“I’d like to get some of my best times to finish out my career, and of course I’d love to win at Big Tens – some relays and individual events. I want to make it to NCAAs and get in the Top 16 individually for the first time. It would be a great way to end my career.”

Do you ever look at the Big Ten rankings and realize how much the overall program has improved during the last four seasons?
“It’s been great going through the Big Ten season and seeing how we have gotten better. Before I came here, it seemed like we were always ranked lower in the Big Ten and now we’re vying for a Big Ten Championship. It’s been really fun to watch and be part of.”

Why did you originally commit to swim for Ohio State?
“First of all, it was Bill’s first year here. When I met him, I loved him. He’s such a great coach and a great guy. I feel like I came to swim at Ohio State because of him.”

What advice do you have for individuals who want to swim in college?
“I’d say it’s a great way to get through college financially and socially. You automatically come to college and have 30 or so girls as your friends. It’s been a fun experience competing, and I think it gets you far in life.”

What do you want the legacy of this senior class to be?
“I think we showed a lot of toughness and hard work. I want people to remember that as our legacy.”