October 15, 2016

Buckeyes Finish On Top At OSU Open


Oct. 15, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Buckeyes completed competition at the OSU Open, finishing strong with four fencers taking first place and 21 fencers in the top-10 of their weapon categories. The weekend of fencing continues tomorrow with OSU Duals beginning at 8 a.m. in French Field House.

Sophomore sabre fencer Anurup Krishna led the way in his weapon category, claiming a second place finish. Freshman Henry Fisher finished closely behind in third place, suffering a loss in the semifinal round to Krishna, 15-13. Frank Ditullio, a freshman, rounded out the Buckeye participation in the OSU Open for men’s sabre, finishing in fifth place.

Defending NCAA Champion Maximilien Chastanet took first place in men’s foil, defeating fellow Buckeye James Hu in the final round, 15-3. Freshman Leon Cao claimed second place in men’s foil competition, downing Cleveland State’s Adam Mack, 15-8. Junior James Hu garnered a third place finish after falling to Chastanet, and freshman Liam Smith ended the day in sixth place, also falling to Chastanet in direct elimination.

The men’s epee unit dominated individual competition, claiming the top five finishes. Junior Lewis Weiss went undefeated in direct elimination to claim first place, downing teammate Michael Saari, 15-10. Junior Nicolas Pouliquen and sophomore Jax Diaz-Miranda ended the day tied for third place, while junior Abraham Coull rounded out the top five finishes for the Buckeyes in fifth place.

The women’s epee unit claimed the top three spots, with junior Caira Moreira-Brown finishing first. Sophomore Ashley Hahn fell to Moreira-Brown in direct elimination, earning a second place finish. Freshman Natalia Falkowski finished tied for third in her Buckeye debut after falling to Moreira-Brown in the semifinal round.

Freshman foilist Alexa Laskaris earned a first place finish in her varsity fencing debut. Junior Morgan Mzhen claimed a second place finish, falling to Laskaris in direct elimination. Freshman Erin Melber rounded out the foil unit with an eighth place finish, suffering a loss from Mzhen, 15-13.

The Buckeyes will return to action tomorrow for OSU Duals beginning at 8 a.m. in French Field House. Following OSU Duals, the Buckeyes will head to Philadelphia for the Elite Invitational on Nov. 5.

OSU Open
Oct. 15, 2016
French Field House – Columbus, Ohio


Men’s Sabre
2 – Anurup Krishna
3T – Henry Fisher
5 – Frank Ditullio

Men’s Foil
1 – Maximilien Chastanet
2 – Leon Cao
3T – James Hu
6 – Liam Smith

Men’s Epee
1 – Lewis Weiss
2 – Michael Saari
3T – Jax Diaz-Miranda
3T – Nicolas Pouliquen
5 – Abraham Coull
9T – John Culpepper
11 – Csaba Fenyvesi
22 – Ahmed Al-Tayeb

Women’s Epee
1 – Caira Moreira-Brown
2 – Ashley Hahn
3T – Natalia Falkowski
6 – Alexandria Alpy
9 – Gabriella Leccese

Women’s Foil
1 – Alexa Laskaris
2 – Morgan Mzhen
8 – Erin Melber