Oct. 14, 2013

Columbus, Ohio- The Ohio State fencing team fell to Notre Dame, Saturday, after intense competition at the Elite Exhibition Match at the French Field House.

In individual competition, senior Kristian Boyadzhiev finished first place in men’s epee, over a pool of 40 competitors. Junior Bill Meyer took third place after falling to fellow Buckeye Boyadzhiev. For men’s sabre, Rhys Douglas earned a spot in the finals, but fell to Notre Dame’s Kevin Hasset, 15-7.

Freshman Eugenia Falqui earned the first place spot in the women’s epee direct elimination bracket with six victories and a +14 indicator. She fought her way through the bracket to hold on to first place, completed by a 14-12 victory in the finals, while Mona Shaito earned a second place finish in women’s foil. The Ohio State women’s sabre unit dominated their bracket, with Buckeyes taking the first and second spot (Celina Merza and Alexa Antipas, respectively).

In team competition, Notre Dame squeaked ahead of Ohio State to win, 249-244. The Buckeye’s performance highlighted by victories from both the men’s and the women’s sabre squad (45-41, men’s, and 45-39, women’s). The men’s units tied, 122-122, while Notre Dame’s women’s squad took a 127-122 victory over Ohio State. The men’s epee competition was particularly fierce, ending 36-35 with the advantage to the Fighting Irish.

The Buckeyes return to the strips on Nov. 8 to compete in the Division I, Jr. NAC in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Women’s Sabre Team
Ohio State, 45- Notre Dame, 39

Women’s Foil Team
Notre Dame, 43-Ohio State, 41

Women’s Epee Team
Notre Dame, 45-Ohio State, 36

Men’s Sabre Team
Ohio State, 45-Notre Dame, 41

Men’s Foil Team
Notre Dame, 45-Ohio State, 42

Men’s Epee Team
Notre Dame, 36-Ohio State, 35

Women’s Sabre Individual
1. Celina Merza
2. Alexa Antipas

Women’s Foil Individual
2. Mona Shaito
6. Eleanor Harvey
8. Mai Shaito
9. Kyjah Coryat
11. Taylor McIntyre

Women’s Epee Individual
1. Eugenia Falqui
5. Becca Rutan
7. Laura Gurnowski

Men’s Sabre Individual
2. Rhys Douglas
3T. Alistair Delchamps
3T. Ewan Douglas

Men’s Foil Individual
3T.  Zain Shaito
5. Samuel Hardwicke-Brown
6. Andrew McDonald
7. Chris Colley
11. Taylor Clarkson
12. Michael Hastings-Grgas

Men’s Epee Individual
1. Kristian Boyadzhiev
3T. Bill Meyer
5. Iñaki de Guzman
6. Shawn Marshman
8. Ryan Tomlinson
10. Alec Walker
12. Matt Bogard
13. Julian Johnson
14. Joe Guinan
16. Eric Philippou
17. Nikita Segalchik
20. Michael Billinghurst III