Jan. 20, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Seven Ohio State fencers competed at the Junior North American Cup in Louisville, Ky., Jan. 18-20. The weekend-long tournament was open to fencers age 20 and under. The participating Buckeyes competed in the Junior category, which featured competitors age 14-20. Other categories at the cup included: Cadet (U17), Youth 14, Youth 12, and Youth 10.   Of the seven Buckeyes who battled over the weekend, five earned Top 25 finishes. Freshman Matt Bogard, the lone Ohio State fencer for the men’s unit, competed in the epee weapon category and tied for 94thplace. No male Buckeyes competed in foil or sabre.   In women’s foil, sophomores Mona and Mai Shaito took first and second place respectively, earning one gold and one silver medal for Ohio State. Their classmate Nina Stackhouse posted a ninth-place finish in foil while freshman Kyjah Coryat followed closely behind, earning 11th place. All of the Buckeyes who competed in the foil weapon category secured Top 25 honors.   While no Buckeyes competed in epee for the women’s group, Celina Merza added another Top 25 score by tying for 21st place in sabre. A 70th-place finish in women’s sabre by Sterling Streb concludes the Ohio State competitors.   The Buckeyes fence again next weekend at the St. John’s Duals on Sat. Jan. 26 and the NYU Duals on Sun. Jan. 27. Both are being held in New York.
Junior North American Cup Louisville, Ky.
Jan 18-20, 2013

Men’s Foil No Ohio State fencers competed.
Men’s Epee T94- Matt Bogard
Men’s Sabre No Ohio State fencers competed.
Women’s Foil 1- Mona Shaito
2- Mai Shaito
9- Nina Stackhouse
11- Kyjah Coryat
Women’s Epee No Ohio State fencers competed.
Women’s Sabre
 T21- Celina Merza
70- Sterling Streb