The Ohio State University is proud of its tradition of excellence. Buckeye Student-Athletes continuously push themselves to achieve success both on and off the field. Whether it’s staying after practice or studying for a test, they understand to accomplish greatness giving a little extra is necessary. Now it’s your time to give a little extra to help support Ohio State Student-Athletes by joining the 110% Team!

By contributing an additional 10% to the Buckeye Club, you are ensuring OSU Student-Athletes continue to:

Receive a World-Class Education Make an Impact in Our CommunityCompete at an Elite Level

To continue the tradition of rewarding outstanding performances for Ohio State Athletics, 110% Teammates will be recognized with a Buckeye Leaf in a football program next year. In addition, each 110% Teammate will receive a special Buckeye Leaf from one of the 1,000+ Ohio State student-athletes impacted by this extra effort.

Buckeye Club members who raise their gift 10% over the pledge made last year will be on the 110% Team. New members are eligible if they donate 10% more than the level minimum.

For Example:

Annual Renewal   10% Additional Contribution   Total 110% Contribution
$1,500 (Scarlet and Gray membership) + $150 = $1,650

Your philanthropy has a major impact on OSU Student-Athletes. From the classroom to the fields of competition, you are with them every step of the way. The Buckeyes give 110% every day as they strive for excellence; they ask now that you do the same.

For more information about becoming a 110% Teammate, please call the Buckeye Club office at 614-292-9908 or visit us online at